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A Day on Our Own

We had a very quiet Sunday. In fact, everyone including the dogs napped off and on all day.  We’re missing the companionship, but happy to report Kathy & Steve made it home safely.  Kathy did say it was raining and hailing as they pulled into Machiasport.  We got a little rain – but mostly it’s just been very cold.

There is probably a message in the upcoming photo; I happened to notice this evening that the counter was filled with glasses from the last day, and there were a few dishes in the sink.  Hmmm, the kitchen has been virtually spotless the last couple of weeks.  It must be because it’s so cold out – that’s it, I’m sure 🙂

Don't look, Kathy!

Don’t look, Kathy!

In addition to being Martha Stewart in the kitchen, Kathy & Steve are very tidy.  I will say the dishes were put in the dishwasher, and it’s now running.

Lou continues to do well, as long as he doesn’t try to open a jar with a screwdriver (oops, guess that cat is out of the bag).  My nursing duties are pretty much limited to socks and chauffeuring.  He won’t be able to drive for a few more weeks.

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  1. Sharon, think of being drafted — you are in basic training. “KP” is part of the
    program, along with keeping tools away from “big ones and little ones”! Just take
    one chore at a time, and your “local” Sargent at Arms will give you a passing grade,
    I’m sure. If you continue to perfect your kitchen abilities, by “graduation time” you
    will be able to hire-out as a soup and sandwich specialist!

  2. Now that you are the head nurse __ I have a question.

    I have a Pet Scan scheduled at 11:15am __ do I take Chipper the cat with me as he is the only pet I have?

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