A Day in Traitor’s Cove

Thursday 14 July 2016

We were getting closer to Ketchikan, but still had two full days left. I imagine there were some folks out doing longer hikes and kayak paddles, but we did a skiff tour, then mostly hung out near the boat watching the girls have fun on (and in) the water.

Traitor’s Cove is one of the places where people fly in to see bears. While we weren’t in the prime bear viewing area, we did see a couple of bears – or maybe the same bear twice.

The people in the kayaks were not quite as close to the bear as it looks in the photos, but I remember thinking they were crowding the bear. It did not, however, seem stressed or bothered by humans floating in bright colored tubes.

As an aside, Lou and I paid about $750 each for a one day fly in trip to see bears in 2013. We saw no bears. We would have been ecstatic to see even one bear on the edge of the creek. It has been somewhat commonplace on this trip.

Folks from one of the early Skiff Tours zipping back to the boat:

Our group was called for our Skiff Tour and we set off. It was … interesting. We saw beautiful scenery, of course. Lots of eagles, and some very creepy seal skulls 💀

Kinda creepy, huh. Zombie seal skulls coming after us …

More beautiful scenery:

Back to the boat well before lunch, so time to play with kayaks and paddle boards. It certainly was a very pretty area, and we were enjoying some overcast skies, after having all that sunshine the past two weeks!

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