A Busy Day

Lou and Beth were in the Chef seats last night and they excelled. The vegetable beef soup was perfect for a cold day, and Beth made some tasty biscuits to go with it. I am sure the addition of some left over prime rib didn’t hurt.

Today, Lou treated us all to breakfast sandwiches:

I had to drop the dogs off at the groomers and do some errands. Beth helped Lou with the dump run while Catherine took care of work duties. I came back to the house, picked up Beth, and we went back to town for more errands, some lunch pick-up, and finished up by retrieving the dogs.

Beth and Catherine are very happy with the lobster rolls and the lobster stew. 🦞🦞

The dogs supervised my bike ride:

it was my turn to do dinner tonight. Went with the old standby, salad and pizza. It seemed to go over well. We ordered Lou’s regular pepperoni, sausage, and jalapeño pizza. We also got the special of the week, ”Kale Yeah.” This was basically a vegetable pizza with weird stuff. It was okay, but not my favorite.

This concludes our busy day, although some might be tempted by dessert.

Stay Safe!!!

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