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For the feedback on the Alaska Blog. I will be continuing to work on it and hope not to take another 6 months to finish. Now that the infrastructure seems to work, it's not as time consuming.

Our photo for the day:

Everyone here is tuckered out. Today was Lou's first experience at Cardiac Rehab, so after even more exercise than he's been getting, he's pretty tired. We (me and the dogs) dropped him off at 11:30am and picked him up an hour later. His rehab may be great for him, but it didn't go too well for me … Nothing to do but stop by McDonald's for lunch while he was working out. I really didn't have a choice – Natasha doesn't like the fries from Wendy's. Good thing his appointments next week are in the morning.

We had to go back to Belfast at 2:30 for his lab tests. And, I had to pick up my new phone. He got his on Tuesday. Tomorrow's post will be the big reveal – did he get another iPhone???

Oh – one more thing. It is starting to get very cold here, and it's raining right now.

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  1. I never leave the house! Still I sometimes get tired of eating McDonald’s! When I was growing up I ate McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The one thing I really miss is McDonald’s meatloaf!

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