6/7: Marooned in the Magoun Islands

Our last full day on the Wilderness Explorer has arrived – we are at a quiet anchorage in the Magoun Islands. We weren’t actually marooned at the islands, it just sounds more adventurous than “Anchored in the Magoun Islands.” The weather has improved, and the morning views are nice.  The view at 4:30am shows promise:



The lounge is nice and peaceful at quarter to five:



Another look outside at 5:30am:





The clouds are rolling in at 8:30am:



We are on our last Skiff Tour at 9:30am. We didn’t want to miss out on our last chance to see more of the Alaskan shoreline.



It was nice to see a bald eagle on our last Un-Cruise day; we also saw several nests:



The intertidal creatures were colorful and plenty as we took the skiff right up to the shoreline.  I think this was my biggest surprise; never expected to see such creatures in Alaska (Alison, from the Wilderness Discoverer, would be proud).







One of the kayak guided tours was also taking a good look at the cracks and crevices along the shore:



The forests were thick with trees – lots of good bear hiding places but we didn’t see any today:



We’ll count this as a successful last outing – I was out for the afternoon, and I think Lou just took it easy as well.  Here are a few borrowed photos from Un-Cruise to give an idea of the snorkeling adventure today.  It looks like it was the best one yet.  Today was also Polar Plunge Day, but we missed it (once again!).

The evening included the usual final night Captain’s dinner and a slide presentation of photos taken by the guides during the week – there are some excellent photographers in this group!

A few more photos from the evening, taken between 7:30 – 10:30pm:









This really was a beautiful anchorage, and we were fortunate to have the return of mostly good weather.   It may seem like these last two days weren’t the most exciting, but it was a pleasant way to end our 3 Week Ultra Adventure.  Tomorrow morning we cruise into Sitka and we’ll get to see the largest city in the US.

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