6/6: A Bad Day @ Hanus Bay?


We woke up to find ourselves in Hanus Bay.  We had two days left in our last week of Un-Cruising.  It didn’t seem possible for the rest of the week to live up to the days before, and ……………  it didn’t!  Again, that’s ok.  We had already had 5 great days, with just a little bit of rain.  Glacier Bay National Park and Icy Strait were astounding.

On top of waking up to rain and fog, I’d come down with a cold and it was working its way to Lou. This wasn’t a big surprise, because a number of passengers and crew had been sick during the week. I ended up sleeping the day away, waking just for meals and a brief time in the evening.  It was a bad day in Hanus Bay, but it was a great day overall.  Why?  If we had to get sick, this was the perfect time to do it.  We wouldn’t be missing out on much, and it would also give us a chance to recharge for our Land Tour starting on Saturday.

Even though it rained off and on all day, that didn’t stop the hikers and the kayakers …



Here are some photos from the Un-Cruise photo share that give an indication of what today’s hike was like – looks like they saw some interesting flowers and critters while traversing some tough terrain:


June6-5After lunch of spaghetti and garlic bread, we pulled anchor and were going to pass through the Peril Strait and Sergious Narrows, to get us closer to Sitka.

This is one of the narrower passageways, and is often a place to see wildlife along the shore and in the water.  Not so much today – it was, again, rainy and foggy.  Lou was kind enough to brave the elements to get some photos for our scrapbook:


My dinner selection was outstanding – it was fish, and was very tasty (can’t remember exactly what it was).  I forgot to take a photo, but our server managed to get a picture of the last serving.  I thought the food was very good on this ship, but Lou gives the nod to the Wilderness Discoverer.  It may be that I stuck mostly to the fish entrees and they were almost all excellent.



Dessert was a favorite, as well (you can see the cold is not affecting my appetite):



The evening’s entertainment was by Gabriella, the Wellness Instructor.  She is also a singer, and she entertained us with folk songs and ballads – she is very good, and it was an enjoyable evening.  Ellie, an expedition guide, accompanied her (as did another member of the crew – I think his name was Dan).





And, that is it for this short review of Day 6 of our last Un-Cruise Adventure week.  The weather had cleared by late in the evening:



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