Month: April 2022

Guest Blog – Max Joins the Family

We have an exciting update. Chrisie has kindly written a guest blog to tell us about Max. Read on …

We got a puppy! He was born on February 13th in Tennessee. He’s a Labrador, Retreiver mix.

We’ve been discussing a dog for Louie. We looked into the local shelter here. We looked and looked and Yan fell in love with ‘Adair.’ When we got to the shelter we were introduced to many dogs that fit our profile.

I was leaning towards an older dog. Then they took us to the puppies. The one I picked up happened to be Max!

He was named Adair in the shelter. It was instant love. And he was the only one Louie would touch. 

We adopted him and then had to wait for him to be neutered. He had surgery on Friday and we picked him up on Saturday. Louie was a very happy boy.

First night was a lot like the first night with Louie except for taking him outside because he had diarrhea 🤣. Second night was much better.  He likes his crate. He has learned if he naps outside of the crate, we won’t leave…but nothing like a snuggly crate compared to the cold tile. He pees and poops outside (most of the time.)

He’s a good puppy. He likes crinkle toys, not squeeky ones, and is Full of energy!

Meet Max:

Chrisie sent this pic through late this afternoon. Max is watching dogs on a PBS special. He may take after his Uncle Stitch.

Thanks so much for the guest blog, Chrisie. We think Max is beautiful, and we look forward to hearing more about the Adventures of Louie and Max ❤️

Happy Anniversary 💐

I missed posting an Anniversary Wish to Catherine and Mark on Sunday, April 24th. They celebrated 28 years! (Note, We did remember the day, and Lou sent a gift from us – he is good about stuff like that.)

Happy Anniversary, kids. Here is to many more 🥂

Stay Safe!

First Blooms

I have been checking for flowers, but they have been slow to come. The first I have seen are the daffodils in front of Lou’s train room.

Lou is still working to schedule his knee surgery. He has some pre-check work next week, then hopefully will be closer to getting a date. He did check at our local hospital and found out they are 6-12 months out with elective surgeries. We will stick with the Bangor option. He can’t just sit still, so overdid it on some chores this week – hoping he will rest this weekend.

Not much new with me – still exercising. The golf course is open so I am busy with some of my admin duties trying to keep the website up to date. We have had so much rain, I haven’t had a chance to play – maybe next week.

The pups are fine. They continue to be the best-behaved dogs ever – never jumping on visitors, never begging for food, and only barking when absolutely needed. Oh wait – those are dogs I saw on a Youtube video. Our dogs continue to be annoying as Hell, but they do entertain us.

Stay Safe!

What is Happening?

We have had a somewhat busy week. We got our Booster shots on Tuesday. It affected me more than it did Lou, and I felt like I had the flu for a couple of days.

On Thursday, we went to Bangor so Lou could meet with the knee surgeon. This was fun because it was foggy and rainy most of the way. I only missed one turn; no idea why Lou was so nervous. Usually he drives, but his knee has been killing him so he didn’t think he should drive. He was second guessing that decision after 10 miles 😂😂😂

The big news – what did Lou find out about his knee? I wasn’t in the appointment, but it sounded like the Doctor took about 30 seconds to tell Lou he needed a knee replacement. We will know more about the timeline once Lou sorts out all the pre-surgery screenings. Really have no idea if there is a long backlog or not. To refresh Lou’s memory, I pulled up some pics from his first knee replacement in 2018:

Stay Safe!!!

Celebrating Yellowstone

March 1st, 2022 marked the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of Yellowstone National Park. I was actually in Yellowstone in March. You may recall me introducing my plan to do a virtual 75 mile hike through Yellowstone NP. I tried to get Lou to tag along, but he said he would wait for the pictures.

I did the virtual hike with a group called The Conqueror Events. This link – The Conqueror Events – takes you to their website. This organization hosts a series of virtual challenges that cover the globe, and range from short to very long mileages. I am interested in doing the Route 66 and Appalachian Trail challenges in the future. Or maybe I will climb up to Mt. Everest or down to the Grand Canyon? You can enter a challenge for a small fee. The cost covers the development of the challenges, a medal at the end, and there is even an opportunity to help the environment.

I signed up for this challenge just after getting my Peloton Bike. I gave myself 80+ days to finish, not realizing I would soon be able to cycle 3 to 5 miles a day. So I finished the 75 miles in 34 days. Along the way, you reach milestones where you can send a postcard, read stories about the area, and just enjoy the views. Here are my Postcards from the journey through Yellowstone (click for larger versions):

Each time you complete 20% of the challenge, you get to plant a tree. You can also choose an option to remove plastic botttles from the ocean.

One nice thing about these virtual challenges – you can choose just about any activity to make up your hiking distances. Walking and cycling are the most common – both indoor and outdoor. But some people aren’t able to do these activities, and they can convert non-traditional activities to miles per day. I saw where one person could not walk, but they used pages read as their metric. The point is, they were able to enjoy the progression of the challenge, even if they couldn’t hike. There is a very supportive community of people who share their challenge progress with each other on facebook.

I was attracted to the Yellowstone Challenge because I had just started riding my Bike, and I thought it might motivate me to do extra miles. As it turned out, all of the Peloton activities provide ample motivation, but I still enjoyed visiting Yellowstone again. Here is the link to the travel report on our 2012 trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. The gallery below revisits some of our favorite photos from that trip, click for larger versions:

I almost forgot! The final reward for finishing the challenge is a commemorative medal. This part wasn’t that exciting for me, as I figured it is just one more object to collect dust. My medal arrived recently, and I was quite surprised at how nice it is. I can see why some are avid collectors and proudly display their medals.

A closer look at the medal; notice the second photo is different – Old Faithful has erupted!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Yellowstone Conqueror Challenge. And yes, I know it fully displays my true geek nature, but that should come as no surprise. Nerds unite! Just wait until you see the next challenge.

Stay Safe !!!

Health Updates

Hi everyone. Still living the quiet life at the coast. Today we are enjoying lots of rain.

Lou FINALLY got his MRI on his knee today. They cancelled on him last week because the technician didn’t show. He is in a lot of pain and having difficulty walking around – he is mobile, but it clearly hurts. This is not the result of a specific injury, it is just all the years of arthritis and wear and tear catching up to him. We have to be patient while we wait for the doctor to get the results, decide to do something about it, and then actually schedule the fix. Guess who is not the most patient person in the world?

I continue to report my health news in the Diabetes Denied blog. Here is this week’s highlight … drumroll, please …

My A1c result was 5.6% !!!

I was very surprised, as I thought it was still hanging around 6.0 to 6.2%. Perhaps the consistent exercise is paying off. This news made me very happy.

That is all for now. Our next scheduled adventure is getting our second booster shots next Tuesday.

Stay Safe!!!