Month: March 2022

Back to Northport

Made it home safely today. Almost all of the snow is gone so it is that awkward time of year – no snow and also no leaves or flowers. Now we wait for spring.

I was downstairs and happened to look out – we have a visitor:

I think the dogs will be going out on leashes for the next few days. Don’t need any late night visits to the emergency clinic!

Stay safe!

A Fine Dinner Out

We looked for a day when the weather was clear, and I booked us at our favorite local restaurant – the Coplin Dinner House. This is the fourth visit for us, and each has been excellent. we have yet to venture far from our favorite menu items, but there is no sense changing what works.

We generally dine earlier than normal here, because we like to arrive when it is still light out. So a 5:30pm start time works fine. Last night we were through by 7:15 and still had some light to lead us home. I will share our dinner pics, even though it is mostly the same food we have shown before.

Lou started with something he raves about – the sesame encrusted tuna:

I chose to start with a new menu item – mushroom soup with black garlic (what is that?), crispy croutons, and goat cheese. Oh my. This was absolutely delicious. It was very close to the special wild mushroom soup they used to serve at Artist Point restaurant in Disney World. I am guessing it has a heavy cream base, since it did send my glucose up a tad (but worth it).

Lou followed his tuna with the lobster bisque. He ate it so quickly, I didn’t get a photo. He said it is the best he has ever had. As usual, Lou enjoyed the rack of lamb for dinner.

I stuck with my tried and true halibut. It is served with a nice apricot sauce. This is a good opportunity to get fish, since we don’t have it often at home.

We skipped dessert, since there was blueberry pie at home. I navigated safely back to the cabin, where we found two howling cocker spaniels. They were put out that a)we left them alone, and b)did not bring them treats. Rough life, dogs.

Stay Safe!!!

National Puppy Day

Was yesterday, so I am a day late. I thought it would be fun to share this early look at one of Natasha’s starring roles:

We will be at the cabin for a few more days. We almost had snow yesterday, but it turned to mostly slush. It is still nice to enjoy the last of winter.

Greetings from the Mountains

We drove up to the cabin yesterday. We had rain off and on, but not too bad. Temps have been in the forties and above, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We still have snow around the house, and there are lots of patches in the woods, but the roads are clear. Just a little muddy – which the dogs love.

I made a quick trip to the grocery this morning, and took a few snaps to show what it looks like.

The shuttle busses are running, and people are obviously skiing, although I imagine the conditions aren’t the best. This is the shuttle waiting at the stop at the end of our road.

This photo shows how much of the snow has melted:

The U.S Alpine Championships start today – I guess they will be making the best of it:

Hoping to get out for a walk later today.

Ready for the Weekend

All is well. It has just been very quiet around the Northport homestead, so nothing to report.

Lou suggested I should announce the newest addition to our gym. A new Peloton Treadmill was delivered yesterday, so I really have no excuses for not getting lots of varied workouts each week.

The delivery crew came up from Boston to deliver the treadmill. They had to put it together and take it downstairs. They did a good job. So far we are three for three for good delivery experiences with our new equipment.

The new treadmill looks nice next to the matching bike, and I had a fun workout on each today.

We are planning a light dinner this evening. We are heading up to the cabin tomorrow for more rest and relxation 😉