Month: February 2022

A Picture Perfect Storm

We had a very nice snow storm on Friday. It didn’t start snowing until morning, and it snowed throughout day. It was a pleasure to watch, as it was often large fluffy flakes. There was very little wind, so that meant the snow stayed on the trees.

The video above was taken at 2pm, so you can see how much snow built up during the day.

Photos from the day (click for larger photos). Cecil came in the afternoon to blow off the snow in the driveway. He also cleared some of the snow off of the back deck for the pups.

And one more video, to show the accumulation on the deck railing. I measured this at almost 7 inches.

Nice, fluffy snow, easy to clear the driveway and the roads – that is a very nice storm, indeed. Stay tuned for the next post, to see how our beautiful snowfall survived the night.

I trust you will give us a pass on not venturing out to get even more photos. I am doing much better, but still not wanting to chance a fall. Lou is having some trouble with his knee, but he has an appointment to have it seen by an orthopedist this week. Here is hoping they can fix the problem!

A Great Meal

Catching up on the blog posts. I will pick up on Wednesday. This was the last full day of the Faul’s visit, and our plan was to go to the Coplin Dinner House. We had an early reservation – 5pm. This is early for us, but it is a 10 mile journey to the restaurant, and we like to get there before dark.

Fortunately, our meal was just as good as it was when we were there last week. In fact, because we so enjoyed last week’s dinner, Lou and I ordered the exact same items: tuna, lobster bisque, and rack of lamb for Lou, and salad and Atlantic Halibut for me. Kathy also chose the fish. Steve started with calamari and picked scallops carbonara for his main. No one was disappointed, and we were all very happy with our meals. Lou and Kathy had saved room for a little dessert – a fried donut with ice cream, and a lemon/goat cheese cheesecake.

Steve is explaining something, and Kathy is listening carefully 😉

After thoroughly enjoying our meal, we made it home safely. We did see one SUV in the ditch. It must have just happened since they were all standing out waving flashlights to warn others of ice on the road ahead.

Kathy was determined to finish the puzzle she had started in the afternoon. She did it! It would take me a month to do this puzzle.

Kathy and Steve got an early start on Thursday. They had shopping to do along the way (of course!), and wanted to beat the storm that was scheduled to arrive on Thursday night. More on that storm in the upcoming post.

Visitors at the Cabin

We are enjoying a nice visit from Kathy and Steve. We were hoping for some nice snow today, but got rain instead. At least it washed the ice off of the driveway! I am feeling much better after three days – just a sore tailbone – I really do sympathize with Lou now! Kathy, Steve and I took the dogs out for a little fresh air this afternoon, and no one fell down!

Chef Louie cooked up a comfort dinner last night: pork chops, scalloped potatoes and spinach soufflé. Ice cream for dessert. Kathy is in charge of dinner tonight. I am in charge tomorrow (of making reservations).

We had a squirrel visitor in the backyard today. You can see there is still lots of snow.

Stay Safe !!!

We are alive!!!

Apologies for the lack of blog updates. We are just enjoying our time at the cabin, and there hasn’t been much new to photograph. We had some warmer temps and even some rain. Unfortunately, it did not wipe out all of the ice. Yesterday we had snow all afternoon, but only about an inch accumulated. I decided to take the dogs for a walk. They were so excited!

And then … this was my view:

Sorry, Stitch couldn’t wait. In case it isn’t clear, here is another view from my angle:

I imagine you have figured it out by now. I took the previous few pics from my back. After falling on my a$$ while slipping on the ice. I was so mad at myself. Once again – tailbone, shoulders, head bouncing off of the ice. The only things that hurt today – my tailbone, shoulders, and pride!!! I knew better, but thought it was good since I had been out earlier … argggghhh.

I did get a nice shot of the house on the way back:

Stay Safe!!!


It is still quite cold here!

We want to wish Chrisie a very Happy Birthday. This wraps up the early year birthdays for the Pribaldi family – both Jan and Louie celebrated in January.

Lou and I ventured out tonight for dinner at The Coplin Dinner House. The food and service were excellent, just like our first visit with Tom and Karen.

Lou chose the tuna appetizer, followed by lobster bisque and rack of lamb. I went with a green salad and the Atlantic Halibut. Quite tasty.

It was nice to get out for an evening. The dogs missed us, but did not appear to do any damage while we were gone!

Stay Safe!!!