Month: January 2022

Aftermath of The Great Blizzard

It was not a pretty storm – howling winds, swirling snow and low visibility. We woke to sunshine and calm winds:

Unfortunately, the high winds meant the snow did not stick to most of the trees. The crazy winds in the front of the house blew lots of snow at the front door. At least the Christmas wreath is now decorated with snow.

The dogs got a surprise when I opened the mud room door. Stitch turned to me like, “what the hecks?” Then he proceeded to barrel on through, blazing a path for Natasha as well. He did the same when they decided to come back into the house via the front door.

We were fortunate – no signs of downed trees, and we never lost power. No idea what the roads are like. Waiting for Lou to do the official snowfall measurements. I am guessing 8 inches +/- 2 inches. It varies by where you measure.

Stay Safe!!!

Afternoon Storm Update

So far, we are just staying inside and listening to the wind. The snow started coming down this morning, but the wind is swirling it so much, it isn’t a pretty snow storm.

This is what it looked like at 9 am out front – definitely snowing but not sticking to a lot. We already had a covering of snow from the last storm, so this isn’t much new stuff. (Lou did drive the truck this morning, so it did have more snow on it.)

This is what it looks like, and sounds like if you turn the volume on. This was taken from inside the house – not going out there!

You wouldn’t want to be out on the bay today. Hard to see the whitecaps, but the water is rough:

This was the shortest trip to the back deck these two have made in awhile:

Will update later if anything exciting happens. so far we have not lost power. I am guessing tomorrow will be more photo worthy if the wind dies down and the snow accumulation is easier to see.

Stay Safe & Warm!

Storm Prep

Lots of news about the upcoming storm. It is Maine, so that means the forecasts are ever-changing and we won’t really know what happens until it is happening!

This is the latest snowfall map I’ve seen:

We are just north of Rockland, which is on the right hand side of the map. They are predicting 12-18 inches of snow starting Saturday morning. There is also the possibility of high winds, and blizzard conditions. Our place at Sugarloaf is in the light yellow area around Rangely. They are forecasting 6-8 inches.

Here is another look:

All we can do to prepare is make sure we have food (which, surprise, we do have food). Our generator is well-maintained and we should be okay if there are any power outages. We might lose internet, but that would be just like any other day around here 😜. We have good old-fashioned books to read and DVDs in case satellite TV goes out. Best of all, we have nowhere we need to be so we can just stay in our little cocoon.

Will follow up when things start to get interesting.

Stay Safe!!!

Flowers Again

The only news we have is our weather forecast. We may see a big snowstorm this weekend. Some say 5-8 inches, others say up to a foot. They haven’t been very accurate with forecasts so far. We will be prepared.

I have my third set of flowers – the fourth and last assignment is due this week. I have learned a lot. I did not know I would be in the midst of slaying diabetes when I signed up for the course, so my time has been more limited than I would have liked. I may sign up for a follow up course in the spring or summer when I don’t have to use grocery store flowers!

This was the winning image for the week:

Pop-Up Snow

We woke up this morning to a couple inches of snow, and it kept snowing lightly until noon. It wasn’t exactly a surprise, but the forecasts have been so far off, we really didn’t expect it to last.

Here are some photos. I had to drive to the golf course first thing this morning, so took a few along the way of the favorite houses we don’t own, as well as the usual front yard pics.

Stay Safe!!!

Sisters Home Safely

We received text messages at 1am saying the Sisters had arrived home safely. Glad they had a trouble free trip.

i did not post my flower photos from Lesson 2, so here they are. This was a fun week, because Catherine & Beth were here. They picked out my flowers at the grocery store, and then critiqued my efforts as I was working on the lesson.

The critique I received for Lesson 2 was generally favorable. The instructor pointed out something I can improve in each of the images, and this was helpful. I like this format of following a lesson, then submitting images for critiques.

Off to finish up the flowers for Lesson 3. We might also do a family outing to Home Depot – that is still up in the air.

Stay Safe!