Month: December 2021

Happy New Year!

Sending you all good wishes from Northport. We had a nice time at the cabin, but decided to come home before the New Year’s crowds ascended. We would have stayed if the forecast was for a lot of snow, but that was not the case!

We did get a touch of snow last night, which put some snow on the tree branches for a short time this morning.

Our drive home was uneventful – the skies were clear all the way into Belfast, when we encountered some fog. The Princess registered her displeasure with being forced to sit in the back seat:

As we pulled into our driveway, I was pleased to see there was no 3rd story added to the SHED. It isn’t quite done, but they have made good progress.

Sending Happy New Year wishes to family and friends. We are not sad to say goodbye to 2021, but we do want to remind you all – 2022 is pronounced ”twenty twenty too.”

Stay Safe!!!

Legoland – Part 2 – Guest Blog

Here we go – the rest of the story. Chrisie continues the Legoland Adventure below:

Legoland Guest Blog by Chrisie

We had breakfast and then headed west on interstate 4 towards Legoland. We were going to stay at one of the Hotels on the park’s land but they were booked for our dates. It ended up working better because someone got a much needed night’s sleep. 😃

We arrived early and parked. I went to the customer service counter to make sure our tickets were in order. You have to reserve everything online now. Good  thing I did. Someone (me) had messed up the tickets. The customer service representative squared it out and we headed towards the gate. Note: the Legoland website is not easy to navigate..

We started at the back of the park. We had read in a travel blog that everyone starts at the carousel. The back was completely quiet. They even had Vegas! Thought about Beth, but there was no Lego Beth. 😉

Louie wanted the first stop to be the mini US. Everything was made out of Legos. This was our favorite part of the park! Very very cool. They even had Palm Beach. We saw Lego Dragons, mummies, even animals. We did a couple of rides. No motion sickness; all the rides are for young children.

 Note: Legoland is PERFECT for kids under 10. Louie had a ball; absolutely loved it! Louie stopped inside some hands-on places.It was pretty cool.We grabbed burgers at the only place open to eat for lunch….a little hard to find food at Legoland. Then we went to the museum that told about the history of Legos and Legoland.

I forgot to add that mini USA had water squirters – see the photo below. Every little river had a button to push to shoot out water. Louie accidentally soaked a lady. We quickly left the area but it was hilarious!!

Yan was exhausted. Louie got a shirt and we headed home. It was a great day. Thank you Uncle Lou and Aunt Sharon for the Legoland experience. We haven’t seen Louie that excited in a long time.

This concludes the guest blog.

Thank you, Chrisie, for sharing your Legoland Adventure with us. Note – I asked Chrisie how crowded it was, and she said it wasn’t crowded at all. I guess these crazy kids were not so crazy after all, and this was a perfect time to visit Legoland. We are so glad you all had a great time.

Louie goes to Legoland – Guest Blog – Part 1

Today we have the start of an exciting Guest Blog by Chrisie. For reference, Legoland is Northwest of Orlando in Winterhaven. It is a several hour drive from South Florida where Chrisie, Yan, and Louie live.

Guest Blog by Chrisie …

We’ve had a challenging year, especially Louie.  He didn’t want anything for Christmas except for the family to spend time together, and to go to Legoland. I don’t know where he heard about Legoland, but it’s been on his wishlist for a while. He has a wishlist of places he’d like to visit/see.

We were given a gift to take Louie to Legoland. Yan had a couple of days off (miracle), so we made reservations and got a ticket for all of us the day after Christmas. We would stay at a hotel in Orlando on Christmas night, and head to Legoland the next morning.

We let Louie open his gifts on Christmas Eve, because we planned to leave on Christmas morning. He received some nice gifts and was very happy. I made a charcuterie platter, and we all enjoyed that on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day, we drove North, and Yan thought it would be be fun to take Louie to the Dinosaur Restaurant in Disney Springs. We had never been there but anything ‘dinosaur’, we are told to try. We didn’t know much about Disney Springs, but I did some research and prayed we would be able to get in without a reservation…it was Christmas Day. Side note, Disney Springs has free parking.

We made it!

The hostess was kind and said it would be a 20 minute wait for lunch. We were called in less than 10 minutes! Prayer works 😊. We were seated near the back, had prompt service and DELICIOUS FOOD! Really good food. Yan had the meatloaf. I had a medium steak. Louie had a gluten free pizza with mashed potatoes, and ate the entire thing! 

We walked around, then headed to the Double Tree. Again, friendly service and a clean room. We were exhausted, and full, and went to bed early without dinner. Legoland tomorrow!

Tune in tomorrow, to find out how the visit to Legoland went. Were Chrisie, Yan, and Louie all crazy, going to Legoland during the Christmas Holiday ? ❤️

A Little Scenery

We did get a dusting of snow last night, but not enough to make it worthwhile to venture out for photos. Here are a few from Friday. It was sunny and bright during the morning.

I had to drive to Kingfield, 17 miles away, to get some dog food for the pups. They have been very hungry.

Stopped along a small bridge on the way back, and took a couple photos of the river (click for larger pics):

Drove past the turn off to our house, up by the golf course. Had some nice views of the mountain range, since it was such a clear day. There are some nice condo complexes. There is also a single ski lift, but we have not seen it operating yet.

And the small condo complex down the road from us (I liked the clouds in this one):

Stay Safe!!!

Our Christmas Feast

We had a nice quiet day. The forecast was for snow most of the day, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully we will see more this week.

Lou, as usual, outdid himself. We had Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, and Green Beans. We didn’t need any extras, as this was plenty. While it is always wonderful to share holiday time with friends and family, there was something very nice about a quiet day, most of it spent lounging in front of the fire.

Dessert is yet to come – freshly baked apple pie with ice cream. It might take me some time to make room for this treat!

And another shot, because it is really all about the Meat:

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the last last week of the year.

Stay Safe!!!

Merry Christmas 🎄

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Whether you are celebrating with friends, family, or yourself, may your memories bring you joy. We will have a very quiet Christmas this year, and that’s alright. We have had enough excitement for 2021, and are quite content to ride out the rest of the year in our rockers, in front of a warm fire ❤️

Natasha had the right idea, as she enjoyed a cozy nap this afternoon.

Peace and love to all 🎄❤️🥂