Month: November 2021

Walls Up!

Lou’s shed is coming to life. Andy wasn’t kidding when he said they would be getting some work done this week. The crew was here bright and early today. They got the electricity hooked up, and started framing the walls.

It was a sunshiny day, but it was cold! Our assignment for the day was to get Lou to the doctor for his check-up. I am happy to say he is much faster getting in and out of the car. Dr. Stevenson was happy with his progress and wants to see him next Monday. He is not going to be running anytime soon, but he does feel well enough to make soup tonight 👍

Thanks to those of you who have already checked out my diabetes blog. I plan to update it a few times a week, as long as there is something exciting happening.

Another Quiet Day

We started the day off with a trip to the hospital – just for lab work, no emergencies!

Lou is feeling better, He is cooking dinner tonight!

Andy showed up today to start work on Project Shed. He will be supervising the team that is supposed to do the rest of the work.

Here are a few more snow pics from yesterday:

We probably ought to buy this house, since I take so many photos of it:

And a view of the golf course:

Diabetes Update

I said I would update y’all on my current diabetes situation. There is some exciting stuff going on. I have been sooo tired this past year, and nothing seems to help. Increasing my Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels didn’t do much. Dr. Stevenson even sent me for an echocardiogram to rule out heart issues – all good and no signs of a problem with my heart.

My A1c was 6.0% when I last felt good. This is actually in the pre-diabetes range. Things were well-controlled until the kidney fiasco last fall. Since then, my A1c has risen to 6.4% > 6.5% > 7.0%, and was 7.3% in October!!!

I don’t know if bringing my blood sugar down will take away the fatigue, but I am certainly going to give it a try. I started a journal about the steps I am taking, then decided to write it in a blog format. You are welcome to check it out.

The name of the new blog is Diabetes Denied. The link should take you to the start. I will be discussing my new Continuous Glucose Monitor, changes to medications, and how what I eat is affecting my blood sugar. It should be a real fun time. Seriously, I don’t expect friends and family to read the diabetes blog. I am only including the link because it might be interesting if you are dealing with the disease. Doing the journal also helps to keep me motivated.

Link to the blog: Diabetes Denied

This is the second post for today, so don’t miss the snow pics in the previous post.

And, a quick update on Lou. He continues to get better every day. He is navigating on his own, and able to get around the kitchen to fix his own breakfast and more. This is a relief, because this caretaker role is stressful! Oops, gotta go – He’s ringing the bell. It must be cocktail hour ♥️

One other tidbit – I finally fixed the search function on this blog, so now you can easily find every post about Natasha over the years 😉

First Snow

It snowed yesterday, starting very early AM and going until the early afternoon. It was barely cold enough for the snow to stick, but we did get a light covering in some areas. We did have snow flurries earlier in the month, but this counts as the first snowfall because it actually hung around – we still have some on the ground today.

Catherine’s pumpkin is surviving

The Day After

We had a quiet day today. Kathy and Steve left this morning – I forgot that Kathy likes to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. We really appreciated their company for Thanksgiving.

I said I would grab a photo of all of us, but that didn’t happen. I do have this photo from last year. We all look pretty similar, except we forgot to wear matching shirts this year..

I did get a photo of the delicious pumpkin pie before we cut into it last night:

And finally – photographic evidence of another milestone. Lou felt better today, and even made his own dinner of turkey sandwiches tonight.This is him smiling.

Kathy & Steve do Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Fortunately, we had invited Kathy & Steve a few weeks ago, and they accepted the challenge to celebrate Thanksgiving with us at the cabin. They were good sports and still came when the venue switched to Northport. They also took over all the cooking duties and prepared a feast.

Here are some photos from the evening. I will get a photo of Lou and I, and the four of us together, tomorrow.

The turkey was not the star of the show this year. Kathy did an excellent job cooking it, but it was caught in that awkward teenager stage. I picked a smaller 13 pound turkey; junior had a bony butt and wasn’t very plump. While he wasn’t a beauty, he tasted fine; he just was not very photogenic.

Kathy was the Chief Chef today, and Steve was her Sous Chef. I played an important role – I was responsible for the cranberry sauce (opened can), the vegetables (microwave), and the wine (asked Steve to open it). Lou supervised the prep for his famous turkey soup.

We ate in the sunroom so Lou didn’t have to move from his comfortable chair. Pie is still to come.

Thanks again, Kathy & Steve.