Month: September 2021

They’re Baaaaaack …

Remember all those times I have posted photos of little excavators and more in our yard? Guess what? It is Big Project time. No, we aren’t adding a 4th story to the house, not adding an elevator, and we aren’t adding another train room.

The first four photos are from yesterday. Starting with a nice peaceful shot looking up the driveway … then the next 3 show the excavator at work. He is digging out the foundation for Lou’s new Man-Shed. We need a place to put stuff so he can free up work space in the garage. The garage is heated, so he can continue to work on his other (smaller) projects when it is cold and snowy.

The new shed is going at the end of the turnout on the side of the driveway by the apple trees. I haven’t checked the plans to see if it has an elevator!

Chaos Continues

Yesterday was a loud and crazy day as we had guys here installing the new fireplace inserts. They made progress but did not finish- and not sure when they will be back, but they mostly cleaned up their mess before leaving. The first two pics are the sunroom fireplace and the last is the one in the main front room.

We also had a visit from one of eagles. It was too busy preening to pay much attention to me, but I snapped a few more shots for my eagle-sitting-on-the-tree-in-the-backyard collection. Click a bird for larger pics.

We topped off our day by sharing pizza with Donna. Stay tuned for more adventures with Lou’s project..

Maine is Beautiful

We are having a bit of a chaotic day – the guys are here working on the new fireplace inserts – photos coming later.

For now, just want to share this beautiful sunset photo – this is Kathy and Steve’s back deck view. Photo credit to Kathy.

Thanks, for sharing, Kathy!

Good Morning!

All is well. We both had some uneventful doctor’s appointments, and also got our flu shot this past week. I am now allowed to get the Pfizer booster, but Lou has to wait for the Moderna.

The weather is overcast and foggy, so a very good day to just hang out and enjoy the day. Lou has a project going where he is going to replace the wood burning fireplaces with gas inserts (I think it is gas). That will be nice. We have really enjoyed the easy on/off of the fireplace in the cabin.

The dogs are fine. Stitch’s eyes seem much improved, and Natasha is just her sweet princess self (Lou is coughing in the background…).

Here are the remnants of our blooms … we still have a few hardy ones going into fall.

Technology is Amazing

Last night, while in Maine, I watched Tory’s team play volleyball in California. It is so nice that each university streams the games. This was especially fun for me, because they were playing UC Riverside (my alma mater and where Lou and I met).

Tory is playing for UC Davis, which is located near Sacramento. She is not yet getting as much playing time as she wants, but we think she is doing great. She is just a freshman and is learning a whole new system. She has made the travel team, and did get to play last night against UCR. She had a great service receive, got a smashing kill, and served the winning point. This was nice, because there were many family members at the gym to watch the game. We look forward to watching Tory’s team, and her continued progression during this season.

Back in Northport

We enjoyed our week at the cabin, and are now back to the Midcoast, catching up on Medical appointments, haircuts for dogs and hoomans, and more starting with flu shots tomorrow morning.

Did not see a lot of leaf color, other than a few special trees showing yellow, orange, and red. probably still a couple weeks away for major change.