Month: August 2021

Just a Fun Post

Nothing much new. The guys installing new A/C units are still working at it. They seem a bit slow, but hopefully all will work as planned. Natasha has exhibited a bit of drama princess, but seems to be feeling better today.

I have been hanging out in the basement, since it is cooler down there, and I occasionally need to keep the dogs out of the way. I have a new game I am enjoying … it is called Cyberpunk 2077, but I doubt that will mean anything to folks checking out this blog. My character is styling’…

Good News!!!

We have some good news items to report. Natasha’s biopsy came back today and her little tumor was benign. Some type of fatty tumor common in older dogs. We had to remove it anyway, because she was driving herself crazy licking it. She has been very good with her bandage. Stitches come out two weeks or so after surgery.

Stitch goes in on 9/7 to have his teeth cleaned, and also to remove a small bump on his eyelid – it is making him tear up so best to remove.

Other good news – we, and all our family and friends are safe from this last storm. We have had rain, but mostly at night.

I will close with a photo from last week’s golf. It is too wet to play tomorrow – what a crazy summer it is!!!

Stay safe!

Princess Natasha

Oops, I forgot to post about Natasha. She had surgery on Tuesday to remove a lump on her leg. She has quite a few stitches – almost 2 inches worth. She is doing really well, and not trying to chew her bandage off. So far, we have not had to put a cone on her.

Apple Alert!

Lou has quite a few apples growing on his trees. The concern is not so much the deer this year, but the crows are sneaking into the trees and getting the apples. The apples in these photos are just a bit smaller than tennis balls.

Saying Goodbye

Tom was packing up this morning, as he and Karen head out this morning to visit family in New York. Stitch was thinking about going with them:

We finished Tom & Karen’s visit with a meal enjoyed by all:

Thanks for a great visit, Karen & Tom!

New Restaurant…

Yesterday was a rainy day in the mountains. Karen & Tom went out for some shopping, and Lou and I lived our hermit life. As usual, when we have guests, we tend to eat well – very well. Last night was no exception. We tried a new-to-us restaurant in nearby Stratton. The Coplin Dinner House just reopened for the summer in late June. It is very popular and gets good ratings. We would see why.

The restaurant has an extensive menu, and the service was excellent. We chose different entrees, followed by a crab cake appetizer for Lou, and caesar salads for the rest of us. Our main courses included New Zealand lamb, osso buco, scallops carbonara, and twin lobster tails. All were very good. We definitely will be going back to the Coplin Dinner House. We did skip dessert, since Lou promised homemade grasshoppers at home (I was too stuffed from dinner to take photos.

We tried a few house specialty cocktails before dinner (a few meaning one each for all except Karen, who was our designated driver)

Tom deserves his own gallery …

Thank you, Coplin Dinner House, for a great meal and a nice evening.

Today, we head back to Northport, having enjoyed a pleasant visit to the cabin with the Christmas Tree.