Month: July 2021

Missing Alaska … Again

Saw this photo today … taken by a professional photographer at Lake Clark National Park. Our plan was to be there this month, but we cancelled due to uncertainties related to COVID. No regrets at all, as we believe it was the right thing to do. We still feel very fortunate to have visited the Silver Salmon Creek area and the Alaska Homestead Lodge twice – in 2015, and again in 2019.

We had planned the 2021 trip for July, earlier than our previous trips. We had hoped to see younger cubs, and more bears clamming. It was a sound planning decision, if this photo is representative of this summer at Lake Clark. And … we haven’t ruled out a return visit in the future.

One Day to the Next

We are having interesting weather patterns. Sunny and warm one day, foggy and wet the next. Yesterday started out sunny, in the high 60s, low 70s. A beautiful day. The day before was foggy and rainy. And today, it is raining again. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Maine is set to break July precipitation records.

Fungi Focus

The wild mushrooms are really crazy this year. At first there were just a few typical boring beige ones. Now we are seeing some orange ones too. So far I have been trying to identify, and make sure nothing is particularly toxic. Let me know if you see any that are concerning. (Click for full size pic).

Safe Travels

We said goodbye to Kathy & Steve this morning, as they headed back to Machiasport. I am sure there were a few shopping stops along the way! We enjoyed their visit, and are glad things worked out so we could see them. We were planning to go to Sugarloaf this week, but had to postpone as we are waiting for a furniture delivery.

Natasha and Stitch waited in the window for company to come back, then finally gave up and decided to settle in for morning naps!

Standing by their beautiful new car!

What is at the end of the Rainbow?

With all the rain we have had, we also had a nice rainbow:

We are enjoying Kathy & Steve’s visit – Steve had an eye appointment in Portland, so they were gone most of the day. We are going to pick up take-out Thai 😍.

Update: Kathy & I made it safely back with the food and we all are stuffed from eating too much!

Update: Making note here for reference the next time we order Thai (I referenced a 2019 post from our first visit to figure out what to order for Lou this time):

Steve – Chicken Cashew stir fry, 2 star 🔥- said it was just right and he would order again.

Kathy – Panang Curry with chicken. Tasted good, but she almost died from 4 star 🔥 🥵 🥵 🥵 . Said she would get the same thing with only 2 star 🔥.

Lou – Tamarind Duck – it was okay, not sure he would reorder. 5 star 🔥 was not hot enough for him. He did enjoy his pork fried rice and the appetizers.

Sharon – Orange Chicken, 0 star 🔥. This was good, although a bit tangy on the orange sauce. Will try something different next time, but still happy with the meal.

Overall 4/5 star ⭐️ rating for Rice & Noodle – Excellent take out system – they encourage you to call 2 hours ahead, and will even bring your food to your car. Limited inside seating – they are clearly catering to the take out crowd. Their food is nicely packaged, and our order was 100% correct 👍

Identifying Flowers

Kathy wanted all the flowers identified … here is the best I could do …