Month: June 2021


I took some quick photos of a few flowers this morning, worried that our recent heat spell is going to have detrimental effects. Don’t forget to click on a pic to make it grow.

Be Safe!!!

Catching Up

All is well, just had a hectic few days once we got home from Sugarloaf. I mentioned we had another issue with the pump for the well. The pump wouldn’t stay on, so we bought a supply of bottled water to help until we (Lou) sorted out the issue. Lou got in touch with Justin, the electrician who has worked on Lou’s building projects. Justin got here late Thursday afternoon. He diagnosed the problem – we were getting 268 volts into the pump instead of 220-240 volts. The pump has a protective shutoff at 250+ volts, which is why it wouldn’t keep running.

Justin immediately called Central Maine Power, and they were out within 20 minutes. We had a bad transformer to the house so they changed that. And guess what? Now the pump works.

Other than that, it has just been typical stuff – hair cuts for all four of us, and Lou and I each working on our projects.

Lou had some spare ribs, so we invited Donna over for dinner on Friday.

Be Safe !!!

Back to the Coast

We had an easy trip back from the cabin. The weather, and the clouds, were spectacular when we left Sugarloaf:

We arrived back in Northport, and everything was still green. Our driveway is almost a secret entrance, given all the growth of the trees.

Remember that water pump for the well that was acting up – yep, it is only operating intermittently. Lou is trying to get someone in to repair, and we have brought in some bottled water in the meantime. On a happier note, here are a few photos of new blooms.

Click on a photo to start a slideshow. Click the x on top right to stop slideshow.

Be Safe !!!

Blog Update – This is a Test Post

Note – I am experimenting with different looks for the blog. Nothing much will change, so don’t get concerned if you don’t like what you see at the moment.

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Don’t panic if something is off with the blog. I have switched to a different hosting provider. This will ultimately improve security, updating, and maybe help the blog last a few years more (now, don’t all jump for joy 😉)

It may take a couple of days for things to calm down. Let me know if you have any issues.

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Whales & Bears

(This is another test – just verifying image uploads)

We haven’t been to Alaska in more than two years now. Going through some old photos made me nostalgic for the whales and the bears.

Testing out New Hosting for the Blog

Hello all. I have just changed my Blog hosting from Hostgator to I believe this will be more secure and easier to update.

Here are some sample images:

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And, another way to easily display photos:

Be Safe !!!