Month: June 2021

Oops! How Could We Forget?

Forgot to give a shout out to Catherine on her birthday on Thursday! Fortunately, we didn’t forget her actual birthday in real life (just on the blog), and did send congratulatory texts, emails, and a snail mail card. Happy Birthday, Catherine!!! It is hard to believe you will soon have two beautiful daughters in college; it seems like you were just packing up to drive to UC Santa Cruz a few short years ago. We miss you, and hope to see you soon!

Catherine concentrates on lunch at Young’s Lobster Pound – May 2021

In other news, we are back at the cabin. Drove up Friday and will have almost two weeks here. We are thankful no household or personal emergencies interfered with our carefully arranged travel schedule. We are trying to get to the cabin for at least ten days to a couple weeks each month.

The lupines are almost finished here – they were just starting to bloom when we were here before, so they have lived out their short life span. Everything else is still very green, and we even got some rain overnight.

Be Safe!!!

Quantabacook Lake

Went to lunch at a friend’s home near Searsmont. In Maine, cabins on the lake are called camps (which is what we started out to buy before we found the “cabin” in Sugarloaf). This is their summer residence; they spend winters in Florida.

They have a lovely camp that sits right at the Lake’s edge, with a small dock for their boat. The cabin itself is many years old, having been purchased originally by the parents, who have passed it down to the adult children who are the same age as Lou and I. I felt like I was transported back in time to my parent’s home in Springville, California. This camp was larger, but had very much the same feel, all the way down to the formica kitchen table. Even the kitchen clock was just like Mom’s!

I didn’t take a lot of photos – but will hopefully get more on a future visit, especially of the dock and lake. Felt a little weird to visit someone’s house and say, “oh, can I do a photo shoot of your house?” I did, however take photos while we were eating lunch. The hummingbird feeder sits right outside the kitchen window, and it was great for capturing the little birds.

There were two hummingbirds flitting around the feeder. Here is one flying in for a sip. Note – these photos were taken with my iPhone, so the detail is lacking. But these are my only hummingbird photos so far this year, so happy to add them to the collection.

A second shot of the smaller hummingbird, sitting on the side of the feeder:

Here is a cute loon planter – I took this photo for Kathy, since she lives by the loony bin (and she and Steve like loons).

That was the excitement for the day. Lots of socializing this week!

Be Safe !!!

Bears, Bears, Bears

Continuing housekeeping duties on our travel blogs. Had a lot of fun revisiting the bears of Silver Salmon Creek. Here is Crimp Ear, the most majestic sow and the very best fisher bear.

Be Safe!!!

Missing Alaska

Lou and I were scheduled to go back to Lake Clark National Park, and see the bears in Alaska. We decided we weren’t up to cross country flights yet, even though we are both vaccinated. I have been revisiting our previous Alaska adventures as I update the blog. Things seem to be working fine on the new blog hosting site. I have had to tweak a few things, but the look and functionality should be mostly like it was before I switched in early June. Let me know if you find any issues.

One thing that is noticeably different is how the blog reads on a mobile phone. It shouldn’t require magnifying glasses now. I write and design the blog for viewing on a tablet or laptop, but it is nice to have better functionality for phones.

Some of you may remember the rather detailed travelogue I did about our first UnCruise Adventure to Alaska in 2013, where we UnCruised for three weeks, then visited Denali and Redoubt Bay. I spent many hours writing up that trip, and preparing the photos to make them easy to share. It was even on its own separate blog, and not integrated into our family and friends blog. Over the years, the infrastructure for that blog kind of crumbled – through no fault of my own, some of the links and the photo galleries stopped working. I did learn a lesson – keep it simple and minimize the fancy stuff you add in.

UltraAlaska – Sawyer Glacier

I knew I would lose what was left of my UltraAlaska blog once I switched hosting companies. No worries – I was able to export all of the text and photos into the new site. (It is still a separate blog, but is closely related to this one – The bones of the UltraAlaska blog are the same, but I have had to go through each post and make sure the formatting is right. I have redone the photo galleries, using the built in functionality of wordpress, not requiring any fancy add ons. Here is a slideshow with a sampling of photos from the UltraAlaska trip:

Why would I go to all this trouble for a trip report that is now 8 years old? Because I have OCD, and can’t stand the thought of our photos floating in cyberspace, all jumbled up? Maybe, but mostly it is because I want to keep the UtraAlaska blog up to date and useful. We have shared with friends who are considering a trip to Alaska, and it has been helpful. Travel in Alaska has not changed much in the last 8 years, so the report is still relevant. The main reason, of course, is simply to preserve our memories. I am thoroughly enjoying the process of revisiting each day of that awesome trip.

You can click the link, UltraAlaska, to check out the latest version of that long ago trip. I still appreciate Lou researching and planning the trip as a celebration of my 60th birthday. It really did kickstart our love of Alaska, and now I have a few more travel stories to update! We haven’t given up hope of getting back to Alaska again.

Be Safe!

Gnome Night

We had a fun craft event at the golf club today – a gnome painting class. It was a chance to visit and get crafty. The teacher will take our painted gnomes and fire them in her kiln, and we will get them back next week. I prefer to paint with my iPad and Pencil, but this was a good exercise.

My gnome is the one with the freckles. Apparently the colors come out much brighter after firing in the kiln. I will share the finished product when we get them back.

I wonder if I can use this as my entry for the upcoming family and friends craft challenge? “No,” you say – the craft challenge is for Halloween. It will be here before we know it.

Looking for Lupines

I have snapped a few photos of lupines in our yard, and at the golf course. Lou told me there were some nice ones in the fields by the transfer station. I had to climb a fence and take a bit of a hike, but I found some. Thanks, Lou.


Be Safe !!!