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We are enjoying Catherine’s visit, even though I am having to endure being kidnapped and taken on a hike today. It hasn’t been too bad 😂. Catherine did her long walk in the morning, then we drove down to the store. We stopped at a trailhead and went for a mile long hike. It was fairly easy because it was mostly level. And it was nice and cool, so can’t complain about the heat. I was happy to explore some, because this will be a good place to go for photographs when the fall color comes out, and even in the snow.

A Day in the Mountains

We all slept in today, after our big night out. Catherine jumped up and went for her walk. I begged off, but knew I would not get away for the whole day.

Catherine and I went down to the big city of Kingfield – a 17 mile drive to the bigger grocery store. We had to purchase some essentials.

OH, Catherine also finished Kathy’s puzzle … in about 30 minutes when I have been doing about 1 piece a week.

We made it safely home, and everyone took naps. It was raining off and on so I thought I had escaped my walk … nope, fitness queen came down and dragged me off. We found a secret path and ended up walking along the golf course, before cutting back through the trees to come out on the road near our place.

Be Safe!!!


Guess who appeared on our doorstep at midnight last night? A surprise visitor from California. Catherine had vacation days she needed to use or lose, so we get to enjoy a visit.

We did some walking and lounging today, then went out to dinner tonight to celebrate Catherine’s Birthday and Father’s Day. Had a fun evening at 45 North – one of the few restaurants open right now.

Our meals were good, and we had an enjoyable time. No one had room for dessert! Lou started with the baked onion dip – this was filling. Catherine had the pork belly to start, followed by the New York Strip. Lou stuck with a burger for his dinner, and I had the grilled chicken breast which was served with a tasty sweet potato/kale hash.

A couple mood photos as we left the restaurant:

It had rained while we were inside the restaurant, but stopped before we exited. Made the air smell good and after-rain fresh. It has been warm today, reaching low 80s, but the next few days look to be cool with some rain off and on.

Good night, and Be Safe!!!

A Big Decision …

Do we take the tree down, or leave it up until Christmas? As you may recall, we ended up grounded at Northport for a few months, just after we had decorated the tree at the cabin. We kept it up for the last couple of visits, kind of as a joke. Now I am struggling – take it down, or leave it for this Christmas? It looks good, and there is plenty of room for it. No serious dust accumulation is happening. I am leaning towards leaving it up, but only for this Christmas. Then it will come down and we will start over the next year.

Any votes?

Be Safe!!!

More Housekeeping in Alaska

Housekeeping of the virtual kind. Today I tidied up the report on the first week of our Family & Friends trip to Alaska in 2016. The kids still say it was their best vacation, and we agree. Would love to go again!

If you would like to revisit this trip, or read about it for the first time, you can click Alaska 2016 – Family & Friends Adventure to start at the beginning of Week 1, or you can just pick a post from the grid below. You may need to use your back button to get back to the current posts on the blog, or just click the title at the top of any page – Clicking the title should always bring you back to the most recent post.

The Best Ever Family & Friends UnCruise AdventureWeek 1

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Be Safe !!!