Month: June 2021

Looking Closer at Flowers

Spent some time with the real camera today – this is just a first pass to see about getting some better shots of our gorgeous flowers. It is still too hot to spend a lot of time outside. Don’t forget to click a photo to see larger images.

Burst of Color

We arrived home in Northport and were greeted by many new blooms – quite a few roses. The rugosas are still going strong, the hydrangeas are popping again, and we have a yellow daylily patch.

Such a Great Visit!!!

We were very sad to say goodbye to Catherine when Ross came to pick her up yesterday morning. But we also appreciated the visit and had a wonderful time. The only thing that would have been better is to have the other half of the Sister Duo as well. But we will look forward to seeing Beth on the next visit! Thank you, Catherine, for brightening our summer.

I was going to add these food photos to the previous food post, but they deserve their own space – especially Catherine’s mussels. We chose 45 North for our closing dinner. It was a repeat, but so far the restaurant has been consistent, and the staff is friendly. We hope to have more options later in the summer.

Catherine said the mussels were quite good. She followed with the Hake dish – a pleasant white fish, served on a bed of corn purée, bean salad and arugula. She said it was tasty, and I think I will try that next time. Lou and I opted for a burger – I took half home. All in all, we were once again happy with our meals.

Three Years ago Today …

We were setting off on our Galapagos Adventure, with Olivia, Catherine, Amy and Claudia…It was a wonderful trip.

Sadly, we received news earlier this month that Claudia’s husband, John Sacret Young, passed away. John was well regarded in the television and movie industries, and was the creator of the acclaimed China Beach TV series. We send our condolences to Claudia, and all of John’s family and friends.


This is not all of the food we have had, but it is a good selection. Mostly healthy selections at breakfast and lunch, with a few splurges at dinner. This montage does not include our take out dinner from The Rack – it might have brought the healthiness quotient down quite a bit.

There are several meals shown here – the top group is a delicious sweet Italian sausage and penne pasta treat, served with salad and real ranch dressing! Catherine started this one off by grilling a few lobster tails as an appetizer. It all smelled so good, Mr. Bear had to join us for dinner.

Then we have a classic DeHayes dinner – grilled steak, baked potato, and salad. Oops – someone apparently got carried away with butter and the ranch dressing. Accidentally, I promise 😉

If you look closely, you will see a luncheon special, prepared by Catherine – grilled cheese and tomato soup – yum!

Closing out this round is dinner a-la-lotsa-lobstah. Lou picked up some fresh Lobster meat from Young’s Lobster Pound before we left Northport. He and Catherine shared a hearty helping of sautéed lobster, while I had a very nice grilled chicken breast with spring vegetables.

We have one more big meal to go, as Catherine leaves tomorrow. The plan is to go out again.

Be Safe!!!

A Good Day of Golf

Catherine did a shorter walk this morning, saving herself for golf this afternoon. We went out and had a great time – beautiful weather, an amazing golf course, and good company. Catherine played really well and was passing me by with her good hits! We had a good time, then came home and grabbed takeout from The Rack. Lou made us grasshoppers for dessert. Life is good.

These are mostly Catherine’s photos:

And Catherine took a video of the stream flowing under one of the bridges on the golf course…

Be Safe!!!