Month: May 2021

#30faces30days Completed!

I finished my 30 Day portrait challenge – it was fun but glad to have it done. Here are some of our portraits from the last week that I haven’t yet shared:



Here is a video showing the time lapse of drawing and painting one of these portraits (the reference photos are on the left). I was glad to get to the point of doing very little tracing by the end of the challenge.


And, to close out this chapter, here is a collection of all 30 portraits from the challenge .


Be Safe !!!

Restaurants – More than a Memory

We did it!  We went out to dinner for the first time since the pandemic began last March. Over a year! It was a pleasant experience, and one we will most likely repeat more than once a year. The occasion was to celebrate Lou’s birthday, since no one was really cheering for me to cook a special meal. Plus the CDC regulations changing on vaccinated folks getting out of their cocoons, made us brave the public setting. 


Our destination was 45 North – the restaurant at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, which sits at the base of the ski runs. We went early and had a cocktail before dinner – at the bar, wearing no masks !!!  We met a friendly couple from Massachusetts, and had a nice chat – with people from the outside world, people who had also been fully vaccinated.

We enjoyed our dinner, and I got to practice my restaurant food photography as well.



We started with the cheeseboard – a rather eclectic selection but it did the trick of starting us off on our first restaurant meal of the century, I mean year.  This was followed by the mint watermelon gazpacho – it tasted better than it looks, but was just a little weird.


We aren’t complaining, just wondering what comes next. Time for the entrees and they did not disappoint – Lou had the New York Strip steak. It came with jalapeños, avocado potato salad (?), and sautéed mushrooms, which he said were very good.


I chose the special of the night – Mahi-mahi served with pineapple couscous. This was very good, even though I don’t believe Mahi-mahi is found in the local rivers. This is also one of my better iPhone food photos:


We ended the evening with coffee and dessert – a little mood lighting on the creme brûlée cheesecake:



And there you have it; more than you ever wanted to know about our first post-pandemic dining adventure.  We know the pandemic is not over for all, and certainly not over in other parts of the world, but we believe this is about as close to normal as we will get for some time. We made it home just before dark. Our four legged companions were not at all happy to be left alone for a couple of hours. 


Update:  Kathy asked about the mask situation  It was mixed, with some servers wearing masks and some not.  We wore our masks into the restaurant, then took them off when seated.  This seemed to be the norm.  Our server said she was fully vaccinated ( no mask) but her daughter was the hostess and she was wearing a mask – her vaccination becomes fully effective in another week.  Can’t argue with the server not wearing a mask if they are vaccinated. The tables in the restaurant were distanced, and they were less than 25% occupied throughout the evening  

Be Safe !!!

Cool but No Rain

We are supposed to get rain, but looks like it might not come until tomorrow. Temps have dropped dramatically in the mountains from the 80s to the 50s. 


Sharing a few snaps from this morning’s walk. It is so green, everything really does look alike!






And here is Natasha, trying to reclaim her “bad dog” status. She was obsessing over my grapefruit, so ran around to see if she could reach it:


Be Safe!!!

Happy Birthday, Lou !!!

Happy Birthday to Lou!!!  We had a big evening planned, but postponed it until tomorrow evening. Lou was hit with a ginormous sinus attack in the middle of the night, so didn’t get much sleep. He is better today, just a little stuffy.  Check back tomorrow to see if we actually make it out of the house!


Here is a cute photo of Prep School Lou:


Note – I did not draw this photo. I am working on it, but so far he has come out looking like a junior serial killer, so I have my work cut out for me!!!


Happy Birthday to Lou!  We love you very much, and appreciate all that you do – from Sharon, Natasha, and Stitch  👵🏻🐶🐶


Be Safe!!!


In the Mountains …

We are still here, although we had a bit of a scare yesterday. Our landscapers called and said there was no water at the Northport house (more pretentiously known as the cottage).  The pump to the well was not working; we thought we might have to go see about getting it repaired. Fortunately, Teresa was able to go check it and get it started again. Thanks!

I promised some photos. This first one was taken on our morning walk and it sure looked like rain clouds might be coming in:


I then thought it would be nice to get a photo of the house:

Oops, gonna have to rethink that one. There is a house back there, but you can only see parts of it as you enter the driveway.  


Lou is working on train computer stuff, and I did another iPainting – this is Day 26 in my 30 day challenge. The first time I ever tried drawing and painting a child. Kind of difficult. Also, we were supposed to use the “painterly” technique of dabbing splashes of color and making it look like we knew what we were doing. I didn’t, but fortunately had a tutorial to follow.


Greetings from Carrabassett Valley

We chilled yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I made one big outing to the local grocery store. First time since the mask mandate was lifted. Lots of younger people still wearing masks which was good, as presumably they haven’t yet been vaccinated.  Lou had to unpack the new garage freezer that arrived after having been ordered almost a year ago!  It will be nice to have lots of freezer space to stock up for those snowy winter days. 

My plan is to get outside and do some macro photography of local flowers and ferns. Not sure that will happen, so I leave you with my recently completed portrait project (Lou thought the Leonardo DaVinci inspired portrait from last week was supposed to be him 😂😱😭}. 


Happy to report, Stitch behaved himself yesterday. Both dogs are soundly napping – and so is Lou. Must be that fresh mountain air.  

Be Safe !!!