Month: April 2021

First Golf!

Had a beautiful day for my first round of golf yesterday. The weather and golf course were awesome. We won’t say how the golf was 😜. But it was fun.

I took some photos of the gals as we played, and someone did a sneak shot of me as well. 



Be Safe!!!

First Blooms!

Got a bit of a surprise when I took the dogs out this evening … we have blooms!!!  I quickly took a photo before the deer eat them. The only ones I saw were in front of Lou’s train room, probably because it gets more sun there … here are some blooms, and one getting ready to open soon:




Be Safe !!!

A Breakfast for a Champion …

Whoa – Lou surprised me with this delicious looking breakfast today (for him, not me – not crazy about smoked salmon). He did such a nice job putting this together. I was rather surprised he used a paper plate, as he prefers real dishes. 

This looked good enough, I was tempted!  He also had the full attention of Stitch and Natasha. 

edited to add:  those are little toast “rounds” he made (using my cookie cutters  I might add) … I love how he is into such perfection.  Maybe he should try bunny butt cupcakes ???

Be Safe!

Checking In

Folks are getting worried because we haven’t updated in a few days. No problems – all is well. Lou has been working on his projects, and I spent a couple days helping out as the Golf Course just opened on the 15th. We had beautiful weather, and the course is in amazing shape for this early in the season. 


Friday afternoon brought some rain, as did Saturday. But we never saw snow here on the coast. 

The only other “story” we have concerns Princess Natasha. She decided she should roll her entire face, ears, and neck in beautifully aromatic muck … unfortunately, the muck she was so enamored with obviously came from the rear end of some wild animal. This was not fun. Numerous washings, and a shower for me, and she is allowed in the house. Princess Poophead might just be on permanent probation …


Be Safe !!!

More Memories

Apologies for no new content. Life is just too darned boring, which we think is a good thing. These photos showed up in my memories today. So funny. We have not, to this day, figured out how Stitch got his little (as in very big) wide body butt on top of the bar top in the Florida house. 

This first photo is for perspective. You can see how high the bar top is, compared to the floor. 


And now – here is where Stitch ended up, when he decided he needed the expensive Boar’s Head Sub that Lou had left on the counter. Amazing.  How did he get his fat butt up there?  We will never know, but we do know he is very food-motivated. 


Be Safe!!!

April Memories

Happy Birthday to Olivia … a milestone as she turned 21 yesterday!  I went searching for April birthday photos, and found some from exactly 10 years ago. We started the week with a visit to Disney World, ending back at the Florida house for the birthday celebration. 








Happy Birthday, Olivia.  Ten years sure goes by quickly!  

Be Safe !!!