Month: April 2021

It has been Friday All Week …

For some reason, I have thought every day this week was Friday … only to realize today that Friday doesn’t arrive until tomorrow! Being retired is tough. 

We are having new flowers planted, so will take photos tomorrow. For now, you are stuck checking out my latest iPainting efforts. I have been doing another online class about painting portraits, and it is just about finished. Here is one of my final projects – this is done a little different from my normal tutorials, where I can follow step by step. In this class, we learned many different techniques and practiced eyes, noses,  mouths, etc.  then we put it all together to draw a portrait.  We do get to use a reference photo.


I call this one “Orange Julia.”




Don’t worry, you don’t have to love it 😊- I am not entirely happy with it, but I learned a lot and had fun. 

Be Safe!!!

Happy Sunrise

We saw a pretty nice sunrise in the calm bay today. We aren’t actually seeing the sun come up at this time of the year, because it has moved to the left of the trees. That would be north or south or one of those directions.

Notice the trees and other landscaping are all nicely trimmed and mulched. We didn’t do that ourselves 😊. Thanks to Wentworth Landscaping, who keep the yard in good shape. 



Summer wants to be here …

But we are getting the typical on again off again weather so typical of Maine. Today was good, and I played golf. Lou worked on our schedule and figured out how we can get to the cabin for a couple weeks each month. Good job, Lou!

Our blooms have survived so far – the deer must be foraging somewhere else. 

We also had a nice visit over the weekend with Marci, Donna’s daughter. We also got to see Donna and Patrick (Marci’s son, Donna’s grandson) – gosh Patrick is 15 and has grown a bunch since we last saw him.  Then, our other friend, Pat, stopped by and dropped off some fresh eggs. It is nice to have our pod fully vaccinated!


Be Safe!!! 

April in Maine

I don’t think you need to be a golfer to appreciate this amazing sky, taken earlier today while enjoying another round of golf. 68 degrees – amazing. Expecting rain tomorrow, but we need it. 


Be Safe !!!

Looking at You…

No snow today. Sunny and chilly. Nothing much new. Taking a little break from gaming to get back to my art. Never know when I might need to make a buck (all kidding aside, Olivia actually does get paid for commissions for her digital art – maybe she will share with us in the future). 

Lou has been busy re-creating our sunroom which is where we watch TV and work on our hobbies. Will share once he has completed the renovation.

Here are samples of my drawing practice (using the iPad):



Be Safe !!!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

We woke up to snow flurries yesterday morning. Must be in Maine – golfing in 60+ degree weather one day, walking the dogs in the snow the next. It stayed cold all day, and continued to flurry off and on. Kept waiting for the snow to build up to make that snow man, but this is about the most we saw:


Today is bright and sunny, but still a little chilly.  So there you have it – the weather report from Northport, Maine. 

And, because that photo isn’t very exciting, I looked back a year ago, to see what was happening on April 23rd, 2020:

Stitch had just had his first lockdown bath … such a sad face.  Fortunately, the groomers figured out how to get back in business in May.  Hard to believe it is more than a year since pandemic mode became our new normal.


Be Safe!!!