Month: March 2021

In Search of the Jab …

Today was the day!  I had an appointment with a needle in Bangor to get my first COVID vaccine shot. 



I convinced Lou I could make the trip on my own, and he agreed to let me adventure out in my little Jeep. It was a beautiful day for a ride …



I arrived at the Cross Insurance Center just in time for my 10:30am appointment.  This is a large entertainment venue used for concerts, basketball games and the like. I parked right by the front door, and while walking to the door, someone called my name – it was Steve. I had parked right by him, and Kathy was just finishing up her vaccine. 


The process was very smooth.  Once they checked you off on their paperwork, you just moved on through to a station where a nurse or other “injector” asked a few more questions, and then gave the vaccine shot. You then waited 15 minutes before being allowed to leave, assuming you did not have an adverse reaction (Kathy and I did not have a reaction).





This last photo shows the waiting area for the required 15 minute post-shot observation, and was the only waiting in the whole process. In and out in less than 30 minutes. 

I stopped to take a few photos on the way home. We are losing most of our snow, but the rivers and lakes still have ice. 



Be Safe!!!