Month: March 2021

It Never Gets Old

Watching these two in the window, as they anxiously wait for Lou to return. They will wait here for hours. 



Some might be interested to know how our snow is holding … not so much.  Here are two photos showing the snow mostly gone from our driveway:





In other news, the dogs had a good check at the vets today.

I continue to take abuse for putting groceries in the wrong car!

Example:  I agreed to drop the garbage at the town dump yesterday. As I get ready to go out the door, Lou’s comment- “I would have put the bags in the Jeep, but I wasn’t sure which of the neighbor’s cars you were taking …

Sometimes, it is hard living with a comedian.


Be Safe!!!

Just an Average Day

No poison escapades, no illegal entry into other people’s cars, no falls, no unexplained medical mysteries. A good day, overall. 

The dogs seem fine. They get checked at the vet on Friday. Lou had his second Covid shot yesterday, and other than a slightly sore arm, he seems okay. 

I have no new photos for the day, so I went back in history. I am a little sad about winter ending already. We might get another snowstorm or two, but it looks like spring is in the way. These two photos are from our house in Running Springs – in the Southern California mountains. This was quite a snow storm!!!





Be Safe!!!

Vanquishing COVID

This was an exciting day. Lou received his second vaccine shot today. It was a sunny day, unlike the first time we visited the Area 51 site for alien indoctrination in Belfast.   It still has a scary vibe (the building, not the vaccine).  Lou was in and out again in less than 30 minutes.


As for an update on the hooligans. They seem fine, and are getting their antidote Vitamin K1 pills twice a day. They have a vet appointment Friday morning to check their bloodwork and more.

I almost forgot to add the story from our trip to Hannaford’s after vaccinating.  I went in to do the shopping while Lou waited in the car.  After checking out, I came out and unloaded the groceries into the back of the SUV.  I returned the cart (hold on, there is a point to this).  I turned back to the Denali, and was like  “hmmmnnn – I thought we parked farther down the row.”

As I approached our vehicle, something made me double check to see the groceries in the back.  “Empty!!! What the Heck?”

Yes, I put our groceries in the wrong damn truck.  There was a black Tahoe a few spaces from ours.  Quick panic set in, I ran over and transferred the groceries from the unlocked look-alike into our car.  I told Lou to gun it, not wanting to get busted for stealing my own groceries.

Be Safe !!!

2021 – Giving 2020 a Run for the Money

A few steps forward, then we skip back a bunch. Today was more excitement than either of us needed. Stitch &  Natasha managed to get into the mouse poison when the exterminator came today. It wasn’t the technician’s fault, it was just a crazy set of circumstances. We know what precautions to take next time. Apparently the bait tastes and smells like peanut butter – hence the excitement to steal some. 


Here is Natasha before probation … taken earlier this week as she was showing off her electrified ears.


Back to the story … so they get into the stuff. The pest control company emails the Safety Data Sheet – basically it is an anticoagulant, similar to warfarin and Coumadin. Both dogs seemed just fine, but symptoms like internal bleeding don’t show for 3-4 days. I call our vet, who, of course, is off today. But the technician was super helpful. She had me call the ASPCA Poison hotline (ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435).  They were helpful and said even a small amount was dangerous. So they recommended making them vomit (I have photos, but no – not going to show those). A couple tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and they threw some chunks. Thank goodness, because they had more of the mouse bait than I thought. 

To break up the wordy story … here is Stitch … doing his best to be cute:


The story continues – our vet tech talked to Dr. Blake, and also called the poison center, referencing our case number. They gave them the recommended antidote and dosage. They will be on Vitamin K1 tablets for 21 days, and will have their blood clotting values checked (sound familiar?). 

God willing, they will be just fine. Lots of new learnings today. Amazing that I have never had to make a dog vomit in all these years – so now I know how to do that. Watch out, Lou!!!


Don’t be like Natasha and Stitch … Be Safe!!!


The Rest of the Story

Sorry for the delay in reporting on Lou’s printer escapade. I was waiting for him to get it all set up and show some sample images. He has been busy on other stuff, but I do have a photo  showing it made it into his office!!! Fortunately, our friend Roland came by and helped him get it into his office. 


We also have another photo to share … Beth sent a photo of her cute new mask:



Be Safe !!!

Boys and their Toys …

Lou got a big package yesterday. Contained in that large box is a printer/plotter to do stuff on large paper. He spent the last 24 hours figuring just how he might get it unpacked and set up in his office. Some parts didn’t actually fit through the door. Did he succeed?  Tune in tomorrow to see the result. 


As for our COVID vaccination status … all is well. I had a sore arm when I woke up this morning, but it dissipated as I used my arm. Lou is scheduled for his second Moderna shot next Tuesday!  Not gonna lie, we are quite happy to get these vaccines well on the way. Hoping everyone gets their shots in the coming months. 

Be Safe !!!