Month: March 2021

Sunday Brunch is a Win!

Donna outdid herself with our Sunday brunch. She prepared a delicious egg and cheese casserole, served with kielbasa and some special bagels. We had orange juice, along with champagne for a mimosa option. Donna thought of everything, and we all enjoyed a feast. 

We continued to visit til early afternoon, when Pat and Donna hit the road back to Northport. We enjoyed their visit, and I believe they gave the Sugarloaf B&B high marks.   


Lou and I made the drive to Northport today (Monday), leaving about 11 am. We are getting our arrival and departure routines down, making it easy to go up to the cabin for a few days to a week at a time. The weather is warm!  It is in the 60’s and most of our snow is gone. 


Be Safe!!!

Good Friends, Good Food 🍷🍝🥖

Yay!!! We have been wanting our neighbor pod to join us at the cabin, and this was our lucky weekend. We were also celebrating everyone being vaccinated. I am only half way done, but get my second shot next week. 

Pat and Donna joined me for a nice walk with the dogs in the afternoon —


We timed it just right for the shuttle bus to the ski area, but will save that trip for next time. The bus comes by every half hour.


Food is always an important part of our pod get togethers, and Lou did not disappoint with spaghetti and meatballs. Pat supplied a delicious green salad. Donna volunteered to do Sunday morning brunch, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s report to see how that turns out.



Edit:  I forgot to include a photo of the Mince Pie, baked by Pat.  Lou said it was delicious, and I think he ate the whole pie 🤣😋😉


Be Safe!!!

A Sunny Day

We are still at the cabin. It is sunny with bright blue skies, but chilly at 27 degrees. I went for a short walk, and took a few photos. It is definitely harder to get interesting photos when there is no fresh snow!

The field next to our house. The dogs tried to go out to the trees, but they fell through the snow.


The view of the ski slopes from the turn around by the end of our driveway. This is where the bus comes to pick up skiers.


You can see our rooster weather vane, since there are no leaves on the trees.


Be Safe !!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Lou put on a feast for us to celebrate today, including dessert – a real treat!

He used the crock pot to slow cook corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Wow 👍🥰😋- it was delicious. 




Our special dessert was grasshoppers and mini leprechaun cupcakes ❤️❤️❤️


What a fun Irish Supper!!!


Greetings from the Cabin

We arrived safely in Sugarloaf this afternoon, and will enjoy a week or so in the mountains. There is still snow on the ground, but it is receding, and the roads are clear. Still beautiful.

I need to back up to yesterday – we had more snow overnight in Northport, and the driveways and roads were covered. It was so odd, driving on Shore Road (the road in front of our house) with snow, since there wasn’t really enough to justify plowing.



Now back to today’s road trip. We had a nice view of the mountain, as we came up the hill. Still enough snow for skiing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were seeing some ice. 


We will just be chilling for a few days. Hoping our neighbors, Donna & Pat make it up to visit on Saturday. Right now, the fire feels pretty nice.  

Be Safe!!!

Crazy Weather!

It was in the 50s yesterday. We woke up this morning, and Lou said, “it snowed.”  Sure enough, poked my head out at 7:15 and we had a light covering of snow. 


A few more photos from my outing with the dogs. The snow lasted until about 10am, as the day warmed up and it was bright and sunny. 




Be Safe!!!