Month: March 2021


Having some fun with photos – here are some examples of photos I have taken in the last few months.  They have been creatively edited to add in a different sky than the original. I like the night sky ones, and now am going to have to practice my astrophotography.  In all cases, I took the base photo, but the sky comes from a collection of stock photos taken by others.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.  

You may remember this view of the condos near the cabin:


And here is our driveway after fresh snow:


I like this one of the Sugarloaf sign. 


And, my favorite – the house that sits on the point at Kelly’s Cove just up the road a piece:


We are Famous … (not really)

Our house showed up in the latest issue of Downeast Magazine.  Nicole, one of the people we work with at Camden National Bank, needed a house as a backdrop for an article in the magazine. It was a pretty lousy day when they came to photograph, and much of the scenic snow had disappeared. We just saw the photo – it came out nice given what a bad day it was. The article was about whether it is the right time to refinance. Nicole said her coworkers were teasing her about being a cover model. 



This is a different view of the house than you normally see, as I usually focus on the driveway or the side yard.  The photo above is the one in the online version, the print version shown below:



Be Safe !!!

So Cold …

Brr.  Dropped the dogs off for their bath and haircuts, and thought I would go for a walk across the Passagassawaukeag River Bridge in Belfast. The car thermometer read 45 degrees, but the wind came up as I was crossing the water, and it was verrrry cold. Need to keep some gloves in my pocket.


The news is reporting many thousands of people across Maine have no power, and the wind is scheduled to blow until tonight. Our power is out now, but the generator kicked on.


Also want to report on another impromptu gourmet meal from Chef Louie.  Last night, he served pork tenderloin in brandy & peppercorn sauce, with baked scalloped potatoes and green beans. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 star rating for this delicious meal. 

Be Safe !!!

An Audience of Two

All is well.  Rain here all day, but we had an easy schedule, so it was okay. Yesterday was busy … we both stopped in at the optician to get our new glasses fitted. Then I had an oncology checkup at 11am – all good and I will probably go on annual check ups instead of every six months.  In the afternoon I finally got to the dentist to get my gold overlay glued back on – the one I lost at the cabin, and the same one Stitch chewed on …). So far, so good. 

Lou worked on some projects – helping out our Women’s golf group by printing some posters, and helped me with some other golf club stuff. Speaking of golf stuff … I finished the new website for our club … it was fun, and fortunately my experience doing our little family and friends blog came in handy.  Check it out … it is very simple, but hopefully easy to navigate and to update – Northport Golf Club.

And, because we always like to have a photo in each post, here is our morning start … Lou enjoying his bagel (with peanut butter).  Two dogs – watching his every move. You can just hear them, “Um, Louie … Dad … we really really like bagels and peanut butter too …” I believe he did relent and give them last bite. 


Be Safe!!!

Too Funny 😂😜👵🏻👵🏻

Today was vaccine day – my second shot was scheduled in Bangor, about an hour’s drive. Kathy and I made our appointments at the same time, and made arrangements to meet up so we could visit during the 15 minute observation period. 

I arrived a little early, so walked around the parking lot til Kathy and Steve showed up. Kathy and I headed in, and it was not crowded at all. We zoomed right through the first registration desk, then the second.  Then I was waiting in line and they sent me way around the corner to a different area. I should have said something, but everything was moving so fast. Yep, you guessed it, Kathy ended up in a different area and we didn’t even get to sit together for our 15 minute observation period 😂😂😂

Kathy sent this message as we waited, “Yes, only we could coordinate coming from 2 different cities,  get in line together and then get separated!  LOL.”  So true.  We had a good laugh, and I got to say hi to Steve before we went our separate ways. 

No lines, even though there were lots of cars in the parking lot.


I got in trouble for snapping Kathy’s pic – it was after this we got separated.


The line to pick up KFC to take home for dinner ( we don’t have one near here) was longer than the vaccination lines. 

Be Safe!!!

Verify & Validate

Had some errands today, then a stop at the grocery store. I was extra careful – noting exactly where I parked.  Here is photographic evidence; I got the groceries in the right car, and they were still there when I got home:



Be Safe !!!