Month: February 2021

Back to the home front …

This morning, we headed to Northport, and the Faul’s set out for Machiasport (and a few shopping excursions on the way).  

Here is an example of our crazy weather this year.  The first photo is one I shared yesterday … it snowed all afternoon, and we had some nice snow on the trees. The second photo is from this morning. Winds and higher temps melted the snow on the trees, and it was just … disappointing.



And, here is where the puzzle ended up when we left. Kathy did a wonderful job, and could have finished with another hour or so. What the heck?  Gotta cover that table top next time.


We all made it home safely. Had a fun few days with Kathy and Steve.  

Be Safe!!!

Snow and More …

We got snow most of today. A bit windy so we didn’t venture out too far.




Kathy started a puzzle and I tried to help – we all know how well that goes. It wasn’t til we got the puzzle pieces out and sorted that we realized the table top was going to make it very difficult …



In other very exciting news, Kathy and I scheduled our first vaccine shot for this week.  Maine is opening up the shots to 60 and over, so we were both able to grab spots in Bangor for the first day we are eligible. They also schedule your second shot. We will get the Pfizer vaccine, so have to go back in 21 days. 

Be Safe!!!

Happy Birthday, Steve 🎂

We are happy to finally see Kathy and Steve after months of delays. We had plans to get together for Thanksgiving, but one thing or another got in the way. 

We also got to help Steve celebrate his birthday. He was also celebrating just receiving his second vaccine shot on Thursday.

Happy Birthday, Steve !!!


Kathy made a delicious carrot cake for Steve:


 Be Safe!!!

Another Exciting Day

Still chilling in the mountains. It was warmer today so some snow melted, but we still have plenty. 

Yesterday, Cecil came and knocked some ice off the roof, and also cleared the driveway from the few inches we received overnight. 


Today’s exciting event was a quick run to dump the trash. We just have to go about 1/2 mile down the road. The tennis courts are next to the dumpsters – no problem getting a court today. 






You know it is exciting when you get action photos of taking the trash out!

Be Safe!!!

Another Sugarloaf Day

Slow and relaxing in the snow-covered woods. Some photos from this morning’s walk. Notice how Lou is color-coordinated with the cocker spaniels?  And yes, he does actually own long pants. 





Be Safe !!!


Giant Stalactite

Not much new to report, just enjoying lounging around.  We had some fresh dusting of snow but not enough. The only new photo I have is this giant icicle hanging from the roof just outside our bedroom window. It is hard to get the perspective,  but it is more than 6 feet long. Hanging right over the propane tank 😱🥶😰



I will try to get some fresh photos tomorrow.

Be Safe!!!