Month: January 2021

Happy Birthday, Louie 🦒🐘🐆🦓🦍🐫🦬

Chrisie sent some photos from Louie’s birthday celebration yesterday. He is 6 years old!  (Oops, he is 7, not 6 – they grow up far too quickly!!!) And he is getting tall, from the looks of the photos. 

Happy Birthday, Louie!!!  And thanks for the photos, Chrisie. And hello to Yan as well. It looks like a Super Mario birthday celebration.






Be Safe!!!

Bye Mij 👋

Mij was planning to stay a few more days, but the incoming storm had her rethinking.  She is living near DC and was driving by herself. So, after breakfast, she packed up, bundled up, and said good bye. The dogs are 😞 

We had a good visit, and it was nice to see someone besides each other 😹🙀😻




Be Safe !!!

Julia Child Came for a Visit

We had a very special treat last night. Mij prepared a delightful beef bourguignon, ala Julia Child. She spent most of the day in the kitchen, chopping, stirring, and optimizing our most flavorful dinner. I will let the photos tell the story:






Thank you, Mij!  Always fun to have a celebrity chef in the kitchen.


Be Safe!!!

We are Alive & Well

All is good here. I have been obsessing about my game – so much fun now that I can see the screen!  We had a bit of a surprise snow dump last night. Fun to wake up to. 

We have a visitor – Mij is here to check up on us. We are all having a nice time, just chilling.  She took the dogs for a walk in the morning snow.  

Be Safe!!!



It has been a while since I have posted any food on the blog. Last night, Lou outdid himself with delicious pork chops and scalloped potatoes. Haven’t had scalloped potatoes in ages. We had corn as a vegetable (Catherine claims corn is not a vegetable).




Please check back later, because we ordered pizza for delivery tonight.  I will add a few photos of our local pizza shop’s product. 

Now adding tonight’s dinner.  Pizza arrived a bit early but that was okay. Everyone seemed hungry and dove right in. I would give the Stone Brickoven Pizza Shop a solid B for tonight. And no dishes – yay!!!  We tried the Big Fat Greek Special, and one Lou’s Special.  We also ordered salads, but those will be lunch tomorrow. 


Be Safe !!!

Happy Friday!


We seem to be on a positive track as we end another winter week in Maine. It is very cold, and sunny with occasional snow flurries. Lou continues to regain his mobility, and my de-cataracted eyes are healing nicely. 

Here are a few pup pictures, just because that is all we have going at the moment …



Where’s the Princess?  Natasha loves to go all the way to the edge of the property … fortunately, I was able to reign in Dora the Explorer, and she never got out of sight  


Another short video
 – I just learned last week about holding the photo capture button down to take a short video – so I was practicing. Sometimes my subjects do not cooperate, or they decide to add their own special flair.  Thank you, Stitch.




Be Safe!!!