Month: November 2020

Just a Little Snow

We got just a bit of snow this afternoon.  It stayed cold all day.  Lou is still wearing shorts, even though it was 28 degrees this morning!


We are still waiting for the first big snowstorm of the year.  

Be Safe!!!

This is Us …

It is so easy to just relax while enjoying the quiet in the mountains. Time for lots of naps!



And, here is a look at Stitch’s stitches.  They are healing well and he hasn’t tried to scratch at all. We are still waiting for the lab results. 

Update:  Just got the lab results back and Stitch is fine.  The pathologist report showed: “Trichoblastomas are common, benign neoplasms originating from the hair follicle in canine and feline skin. Complete excision is curative.“

So, for the cost of a medium-sized house payment, Stitch got his trichoblastoma removed, and his teeth cleaned 🐶👍🔬

Be Safe!!! 

Off to the Cabin

Weather is on the warm side, plenty of sunshine.  Not expecting snow this trip. We did, however, get a wonderful meatloaf dinner, compliments of Chef Louie:



Will check in tomorrow.

Be Safe!!!

Catherine’s Carnitas

Yum!!!  Lou made pork carnitas today, and finished them off with Catherine’s trick of putting them under the broiler at the end. They are delicious !!!


P.S. – that is real cilantro,  not parsley !!!  

Be Safe !!!

The Boys are OK

Both of the boys went under the knife this week … Stitchy had a growth on his ear removed, and had his teeth cleaned while he was knocked out. He seems to be fine. Lou had his colonoscopy today; he was in early and was home by 9am. He is fine too. We didn’t have his teeth cleaned.

Dropped Lou off at 6:30am. 


Took a few snapshots of the sunrise as we (me and the dogs) drove home. 



Home again, and time for another morning walk. As you can see, most of our leaves have fallen, and winter is going to be here soon.  It is forecast to be warm for a few days, compared to our snow day earlier this week.



Snowy Surprise ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

We knew there was a chance for snow, but it was a pleasant surprise to wake up and see more than expected.









Those are the fall decorations Catherine and Beth put out for us before they had to (sadly) return to California.  


Be Safe !!!