Month: November 2020

Soup’s On 🦃🍗🦃

The much anticipated “Turkey Soup by Chef Louie” is now a work in progress. The beginnings … to be updated when it is ready:



Update:  5:30pm – we are now at the carrot and celery stage …


Update – Saturday morning. The rice is in and soup is cooking. Lou split it into two smaller pots … we will have enough turkey soup if the apocalypse comes early!



Happy Thanksgiving – 2020 Style

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family ❤️🦃🥂

Surprisingly, Thanksgiving dinner went off without a hitch. No trips to the ER, no hurricanes or tornados, none of the usual 2020 surprises we have become accustomed to. As usual, Lou outdid himself, and we have enough fabulous food for quite a few more meals. 





Be Safe!!!

An Important Day!

Lots of things happening today. Lou and I are celebrating our Anniversary. 43 years!!!  We are still happy and laughing our way through life’s tribulations – especially all that 2020 has delivered.  

We had another fun medical situation – Lou spent the night in the local hospital last week.  He had some complications from his “routine” colonoscopy, so they wanted to monitor him.  Fortunately, they did not have to repeat the test or do any other intervention, and he is home and doing fine.  We had intended to go to the cabin for Thanksgiving, but will stay close to home here in Northport.  Lou got a note from our primary care doctor, suggesting we both need to refrain from further medical emergencies.  Good Advice, Dr. S. !!!


And, on this Day Before Thanksgiving, we woke up to a pretty snowfall. I actually didn’t even notice, ‘til about 10am when I was getting ready to go to the store for dog food.  But I did snap a few photos. 





Be Safe!!!

Happy Birthday Natasha !!!

Can’t let the day go without commemorating Natasha’s Birthday. Hard to believe she is 9 years old today. We didn’t do anything special for her birthday, because every day is precious for the Princess!!!



Be Safe!!!

Wowsers! We had some Wind!!!

Winds approached 50 mph last night, and it was very noisy.  We didn’t suffer any damage … a few deck chairs decided to change positions, and we lost power at 1:30am. The generator kicked in, and power was restored this afternoon.  

The weather forecast is calling for very cold temperatures, but not much precipitation. 

This was our previously leaf-free porch yesterday. Many leaves decided to cuddle up on the porch with our fall decorations. 

Be Safe !!!

Home Again

We had an uneventful drive home from the cabin today. We woke up to a little more snow on the ground, but it was mostly gone when we left before lunchtime. 

This strange structure is the 30 mile marker – when on the way to Sugarloaf, the 70 mile marker when on the way to Northport.  

Be Safe!!!