Month: October 2020

Happy Halloween, Again !!!

Have some cute photos from the family to share, so we will celebrate Halloween again today. 

First, Beth and Todd sent a photo of Ace, their little Ewok:

And, we have Mario from Florida:


And, not to be outdone, Catherine shared her Halloween Office Pic (You have to guess which Angel she picked):

Be Safe!!!


It is pretty cold here in the mountains, but it is also cold at the coast. We woke up to ❄️ snow flakes yesterday, although it didn’t stick. Rumor has it we may see a little bit of snow today, but we aren’t holding our breath. It is nice to wake up to a nice, warm fire 🔥:


Update – we did get some snow that stuck to the ground  – not quite a blizzard …


Be Safe!!!

Fall is Leaving Us …

An almost last look at fall in Northport.  We will be gone for most of the week, so imagine more leaves will fall.

We drove up to the mountains today. Rainy and cold – leaves are mostly gone. We will stay here  until the weekend.


Be Safe!