Month: September 2020

Another Sea Day Done

Whew, hard to keep up with all the activity around here. I did get a chance for a hot towel face wash and more … even got upgraded to the super smooth VIP gown. Interesting trivia – I have now lost more than 17 pounds since hospital admittance. Virtually all excess fluids …

The highlight of the day was dinner. Herb-crusted chicken breast, rice and carrots, and the game changer – pepper ❤️❤️❤️

Medical Update – the kidneys continue to improve. Thank you, Kidneys! No dialysis tomorrow – will continue seeing how I do.

Tomorrow will be another loooooonnnnggggg day, but a small price to pay if it is making the kidneys happy.

Lou had a rest day, so he is on notice – his job is to entertain me during tomorrow’s visit.

Be Safe !!!

Just Cruisin’

Morning update – looks like today is going to be another relaxing Sea Day. For those not into cruising, a Sea Day is generally one where you stay on the ship and don’t have many pre-booked activities.

Breakfast arrived within 45 minutes, and it was still warm – and it tasted good!

Just so you know, that is sugar free syrup.

Nothing new on the medical front. I decided to take Amy’s advice to get my kidneys more involved in their recovery. Here is last night’s doodle …

I will be back if anything entertaining happens.

Be Safe!!!

Love Comes in Many Forms

Evening check in. Dialysis this morning was uneventful. Returned to the room and found lunch and Lou.

We had a nice low key visit. I was sleepy after dialysis and another blood pressure med change. And, even though there is no entertaining story to go with it, Lou showed up with the perfect gift today.

Dinner was pot roast, baked potato and green beans. All a little overcooked,but that is fine with me.

This was my best dinner yet. Why? The gift of love … Lou smuggled in a pack-o-pepper ❤️

We really didn’t pick up any new medical info today. Still on track to come home end of week – Lou and I guessing weekend. Don’t know if I have a dialysis or a rest day tomorrow. Since I haven’t received a phone call from room service to order an early breakfast, I am guessing rest day. A little sarcasm here – the medical team has been getting better and better at communication, even going so far as to directly confer with my doctors in Belfast. The kidney specialists are not strong on communication 🤨.

Be Safe!!!

Good Morning

A quick check in to share a cute message I got from Sheila, our dog groomer. Sheila groomed the pups yesterday. While there, they apparently stole her phone and sent me a text.

I am pretty sure Natasha was the culprit, because Stitch can’t spell. Sheila included a nice get well message. It was very nice of her, and we appreciate how great she is with the dogs.

I have to share Kathy Faul’s comment about the photo – she suggested I ask the dogs for selfie tips. Haha. Everyone is a comedian these days 🤣

I am off to my dialysis spa treatment this morning. Going to try to pin down the docs on my escape date and a few other details. Don’t worry – I am still in Zen mode, but a bit of old lady grumpiness is beginning to surface.

Will check in later today.