Month: September 2020

We Have Lift Off 🪂

The morning started with a nice sunrise, and lots of helicopter activity. And breakfast.

I had no real expectation to go home today … but … Dr. B came in about 9:15 and let me go! Hopefully I will be ready to go by noon. Lou is on his way to rescue me.

Thanks for putting up with my craziness, and for all of the prayers and support. Will report in once we are HOME ❤️🏡🐶🐶

Be Safe !!!

Super Quick Update

I did not go home today…

The Doctors felt bad, but my “team” decided I need to spend at least one more day being monitored, as they are still adjusting my diabetes meds. Darn that prednisone that is fixing my kidneys. Maybe tomorrow, but Lou and I are skeptical about a Sunday discharge.

I can do it! And Lou cheered me up during his visit today. He also brought me a cool gift:

It has lots of interesting recipes, and other useful information.

Be Safe !!!

Let’s Tour the Spa … Suite 506

3AM on Saturday morning and I am wide, as in W-I-D-E Awake! So I thought I would give y’all a little tour of my room, since I took some pics the other day.

I was originally in a double room, but there was no one else in there. Fortunately, after a night or two (we can’t remember, lol) I was transferred to Suite 506. Thank goodness! This is one of the few private rooms and that has turned out to be wonderful for my extended stay.

My cabin is just outside the concierge station. I like it because I can hear activity going on if I want, or close the door for privacy.

The entrance to my cabin … see the laundry hamper. There is a small bathroom to the left as you enter the hall. It even has a shower … I just pretend I am living aboard the boat. That is my IV pole I have to push around when leaving the sanctuary of my bed.

See all the stuff hanging on the door? This has everything the team needs to suit up before they enter my (or any) spa-visitor’s cabin. Notice the stethoscope- this is patient specific, They always use the same stethoscope on me. Good for me, but I wouldn’t want to be sticking it in my ears after a dozen people have used it.

EVERY TIME a person enters the cabin, they must put on a fresh gown and gloves. They are allowed to keep their same masks and face shields or goggles. Can you imagine how many gowns this is during the course of a 12 hour shift? This is all due to Covid-19 precautions. This is Steve, one of the vampire squad come to draw blood. Just think – if he visits 20 cabins to get blood, he changes gown and gloves 20 times!

Here is a wide angle view of my luxury cabin. Seriously, it is luxurious- cannot imagine sharing a room for three weeks in the time of COVID-19. Plus the lack of privacy, and I don’t care to share a bathroom 😂😹😂

You can see a stash of masks on my tray, and it also hosts the other lifeline – the phone and room service menu. I am only required to wear a mask if I leave the cabin. But, I try to wear one whenever anyone comes in for a procedure, just to be polite. I figure they are wearing theirs 12 hours a day, so the least I can do is wear mine for a few minutes (but I did wear it for four hours when doing dialysis).

And, the view from the bed. Sometimes I sit up in the visitor’s chair and pretend I am not a bedridden captive in a bad movie. You can also see I have a generous view of the outside world. One of the helipads is on top of that building to the right. What? You thought I was making up my escape plan?

A close up of my Care Board … the best words ever written on a patient communication board – Dr. C left this for me when she declared me Dialysis-Free-To-Be if yesterday’s labs continued to improve:

Notice the comment on the bottom left in the Anticipated Discharge Date section … compliments of you-know-who.

This brings us to the close of our cabin tour. I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have been given the cabin upgrade early in my stay.

Other News … there really is nothing new. We wait to see if I go home today, or if they love me so much they insist I stay til the beginning of next week. Prednisone is one of the treatments for the kidney flare-up. While I love the fact it seems to be working, it has the side effect of sending blood sugar levels into wacko land. I can’t have my regular diabetes meds, so they are using three different meds, including insulin, to try to keep my sugars somewhat stable. They won’t send me home until this calms down. I am tapering off of prednisone now, so that should help.

Be Safe!!!

In a Flash ⚡️⚡️⚡️

This Jig is Up … It is time to blow this popsicle stand!

Starting on August 17 … this Cruise has been mostly Hurry Up and Wait. Almost three weeks have gone by, most days spent waiting. Then, it all happens in a flash.

Today’s lab results showed continued improvement – to the degree that Doctor C (my new best friend – woman kidney doctor) proclaimed “There shall be no more dialysis!!!” She ordered the extraction of my dialysis catheter, and it was gone by 10 AM.

My other best friend, Doctor D, is the head of this week’s medical team – she oversees everything except the kidney stuff. Notice the trend … SHE is making stuff happen and trying to get me released tomorrow. This will depend on my blood sugar results calming down. They are erratic right now because I am on steroids for the kidneys.

Will let y’all know once we have a definite plan. For now, just knowing no long term dialysis is enough to put a smile on my face. Thanks for all the support.

Be safe!

A Very Special Visitor

Lou came for a fun visit. He also brought a very special gift … the cutest bear from Little Louie. And thanks to Chrisie and Yan too.

Today seemed super busy. After breakfast, I took a short nap and then Lou came for his visit. We had a good chat and joked with the nurses. Lou is quite the hit. We also had a good visit with Dr. D – the woman doctor on the medical team. She talked us through all the issues with balancing my medications. She really wants to get me outta here, but it is possible I have to wait til next week. The Holiday Weekend is partially to blame.

After Lou left, I was called for my spa bath. Ahhh felt good. Not quite a shower but still nice. Clean gown, clean sheets too. I sat up in the chair for an hour or so. Had an unexpected visit from a kidney doc I hadn’t met before. Another woman doctor. Dr.C was a very good communicator and is still optimistic about no more dialysis.

I think I prefer women doctors !!!

Waiting on dinner now. I ordered according to my new criteria- what goes best with pepper ?!!!?

Dinner Update: Chicken Breast, Corn, and Pepper. This is the first time they have given me a plastic knife. I can imagine the conversation … “We have an extended stay in Room 506 … switch in the plastic, in case we have another runner on our hands …”

Be Safe !!!