Month: September 2020

Anyone who wants a Test can get a Test …

I wanted to get a Covid test after being locked in the spa for 3 weeks. I thought I could just get one at the hospital on Tuesday when I had to get lab testing done. Nope – Maine Health (the system our PCP and hospitals are in) only does Covid testing for symptomatic peeps.  Our doctor gave us the name of a clinic that does the testing. I called and signed us up. Two days later they called to schedule our tests for … Friday.  So, we got home from the Spa on Sunday, Monday was a Holiday, and Tuesday was when we started the process. Actual testing – Friday, four days after I first called. 


We went to the clinic on Friday morning. I went in to check in … process was easy peasy.  They gave me clipboards with some papers we had to sign.  But what a deal – Covid testing was free for both of us. I went back to the car and we waited just a few minutes for the Covid Collector to come for the harvesting process…

I then had my turn. Yuck. Not the most fun ever, but we both survived, and were told 3-5 days for results.  We saw these cute bears, who were setting a good example by wearing their masks:


The weekend passed. Monday went by. Tuesday all day… no news.  6pm Tuesday, Lou gets a call — he is negative!!!  Ten, fifteen minutes go by. No call for me. Lou tells me it is because they call the positives last. Haha. All these comedians. I did get a call … and I am also Negative !!! Yay, only 8 days from my first call for a testing appointment.

Anyone who wants a test can get a test — it just might take a week or two. And Maine is well above the national average for testing.

Be Safe !!!


Relaxin’ & Chillin’

Nothing on the agenda today – just chilling and relaxing. Catherine has to do a few zoom meetings, but she assured us a trip to the hot tub will relax her after her work is done. Here are a couple of photos Catherine took earlier, that I stole from her Instagram.

I think she is trying to replace me as the family photographer 📸

It wouldn’t be a blog post without some food. Catherine served my breakfast:


Lou impressed us with ginormous super-delicious hamburgers for dinner:

Another good day.
Be safe !!!

Pizza Adventure Day 2, Part 2

 We planned to get pizza from our local place, but then remembered they were closed on Sunday. No problem, the sisters decided they would prepare dinner.  They adventure off to the store, only getting lost once or twice. They cooked another delicious feast, starting with salad and homemade buttermilk ranch dressing (when is the last time anyone had real ranch dressing?). This was followed by gourmet personal pizzas, customized and handcrafted by Two Sisters Pizzaria


We decided to eat in the sunroom, watching a bit of the football game.  Natasha was very interested in everyone’s pizza, and seemed perturbed that no one made one for her.

Stay tuned for more Sister Adventures – we will try to find something besides food to report on.

Be Safe!!!


Lobstah Adventure – Day 2, Part 1

Lou is bound and determined to give the girls all the lobster they can eat. He started breakfast with his version of Lobster Benedict – lobster soaked in butter, scrambled eggs and English muffins. 


The fixings, and a shot of my little breakfast.  No buttery lobster feast for me, although I did enjoy some pepper on my eggs.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their delicious breakfast.


We enjoyed the day, each doing our own thing.  Beth made some peach ice cream, Catherine escorted me on a ten minute walk – which included up and down our driveway, and Lou worked away in his train room. And, of course C & B got some hot tub time in.  Beth and I had a good chat, laughing about our time living unsupervised in Florida, while Stitch got some cuddle time.



The Sister Adventure gets off to a Good Start

I think Catherine and Beth had a good first day in Maine. The weather was sunny, but cool. A welcome respite from the crazy high temps and smoky air in Southern California. Chef Lou was on top of his game, and I heard no complaints about the menu.

Breakfast started with the fluffiest blueberry pancakes and real maple syrup (fake stuff for me 😢)

Like father, like daughter


Lou prepped a delicious lobster roll filling for the girls to have when they were ready for lunch. This seemed to be a hit:



For dinner, Lou grilled two delicious porterhouses steaks  and Beth  made a salad.  I missed a photo of the steaks before he cut them into smaller serving sizes, but this was some of the best steak we have had in forever:


In between meals, activities included going for a walk, riding the exercise bike, doing some yoga, and soaking in the hot tub. There was also a harrowing trip to Belfast – Catherine says Beth drives next time.


Be Safe!!!

Surprise!!! We have Visitors

Beth and Catherine arrived last nite !!!  They got their Covid tests, braved an all day flight wearing their fashionable masks and shields, and made it safely to Maine. So good to see them both, and we are looking forward to a good visit. 

The dogs, of course, were sure the girls were here just to see them. Stitch took advantage of some extra belly rubs.

After a brief visit, the elderly made our way to bed (this is the latest we’ve stayed up all week). C & B decompressed in the hot tub. We are looking forward to a good visit today, and Lou has quite a Maine Menu planned.

Be Safe!!!