Month: September 2020

A Day at the Real Spa

We tried to pretend my 3 week stay in Portland was a visit to the least luxurious spa. Yesterday, we got to experience the real thing. Catherine and Beth decided we all needed a face mask treatment, or whatever you call it. They also put hydrating booties on their feet — weird!

Catherine prepares me for my mask of hydrating gel …


Beth gives Catherine the treatment …


And then, it is Beth’s turn:


Then we had to sit around for 20 minutes, waiting for the goop to dry:

I am not necessarily a hydrating mask convert, but I did feel fresh and sparkly after it all came off.  


We topped off the evening with a Mexican themed feast – Lou made some tasty chicken enchiladas, and Beth made some delicious guacamole and refried beans:

Be Safe  !!!

Lobstah on the Coast …

We are thinking about starting a new reality show, all about how much lobster two California Gals can eat.  

We came back to Northport from the cabin yesterday.  Stitch and Natasha seemed eager to go “home.”

I took a few more photos on the trip home, trying to capture the fall colors – we plan to go back to the mountain next week because we think the leaves are changing fast. 


Once we reached Belfast, we stopped again at Hannaford to grab some lobsters  🦞 🦞  The girls prepared their dinner and enjoyed a seafood dinner of shrimp and lobsters on the deck, in the rather brisk fresh air.

Catherine and Beth have one more full day before they head back to California, early on Thursday morning. They are currently in the hot tub, making the most of their visit.

Be Safe !!!

Sunday was pretty much a day of rest. We didn’t even turn the TV on, just read, worked on puzzles, and took a nap. The morning started with fluffy blueberry pancakes. 

Then there was some puzzle work:

Catherine and I went for a walk, and took the dogs. 

Catherine is trying to wrangle the dogs to get them to pose in front of the ferns:

We finished off the day with a delicious dinner of spaghetti and chicken sausage. 

(We had to have one silly Catherine face 😉😂👱🏻‍♀️)


Be Safe !!!

Super Chill Day

Yesterday, Friday, was a relaxing day for most of us. Catherine had zoom meetings from 10am until 7pm. We had leftovers for dinner from our Rack dinner, so no new food to photograph. Beth and I went for a walk and took the dogs. The leaves continue to turn into fall right before our eyes.

Be Safe !!!


Road Trip

Today, we packed up and headed to the cabin. We took both cars so we could pack lots of stuff. It was a pleasant trip, and we saw more trees changing color than the Maine Foliage report indicated. 


We just relaxed and took it easy. Dinner was a large take-out  order from The Rack.  

Be Safe!!!

Just How Much Lobster Can Two Sisters Eat?

The dinner menu was supposed to be chicken. But since Lou and I were in town this afternoon, he decided to pop into Hannaford and have them cook up a couple of lobsters for the two sisters. $14.14 for two 1 1/4 pound lobsters. 

Beth and Catherine said this was probably the best lobster they have ever had. Good job, Lou. 

Be Safe !!!