Month: September 2020

A Ride to the Store

I ended up taking a long nap today, while Kathy & Steve went for a long walk. We went to the grocery store late in the afternoon to pick up some stuff for Chef Louie. We saw a few pretty sights on the way:



Update: the fruits of our trip to the store – Lou made stuffed pork chops with gravy,  asked potatoes, and corn on the cob.  A veritable feast.

Be Safe !!!


Kathy & Steve Arrived!

Kathy & Steve showed up on the afternoon.  Said they enjoyed the drive even though it is almost twice as long from their house, compared to the drive from Northport. 

They got settled in the “apartment,” and we visited. Then Lou cooked a delicious steak dinner. 


We had some excitement this morning; woke up to wind and rain, and then the power went out. As luck would have it, the generator would not start.  Fortunately, Cecil, our caretaker for the cabin, came over and fixed us right up.  He also turned the pilot light on the fireplace and got it going, with a little help from a friend.

It looks like the rain and wind are calming down, so I imagine there will be some walks later, and maybe even a drive.  No doubt, the wind knocked many leaves off the trees, but it should still be pretty.  

Be Safe !!!


Back to the Cabin

We enjoyed a nice weekend, and got to see our neighbors Donna and Pat, for a pizza party. It was good to catch up. 

We left today (Monday) to come back to the mountains. We were just here with C & B, but we knew the fall colors were peaking. Kathy and Steve plan to join us tomorrow. We are starting to get some color in Northport as well – hoping the rain doesn’t knock all the leaves off before we get home. The view just as we left our driveway:

We picked the dogs up at the groomer – nice to have clean dogs for the trip!  We had rain the first half hour or so, then it was just a bit cloudy and overcast. We started to see lots of fall color as we got closer to Sugarloaf.


This is looking down our driveway at the cabin, towards the street. The wind is blowing some, and leaves are dropping, but should still be good color for a few days. 

Shortly after arriving, we thought it might be Christmas time … the UPS driver found us and dropped off a package. Neither one of us had ordered anything (strange, I know), so we were excited to see the surprise. Oops … wrong address – Lou managed to get the driver’s attention before he left.


Be Safe !!!

Sad & Lonely

We are trying to recover from losing our visitors. The house is quiet, and there are no lobsters waiting to be devoured. Beth and Catherine are home with their families, recovering from jet lag, and missing life in Maine (I just assumed that last part 😉).

Nothing much new here. We are planning to go back up to Sugarloaf next week – we want to try to catch the fall foliage at peak values. In the meantime, leaves are starting to turn here on the coast, but it is slow going.  The girls decorated our porch before they left…


And, a few photos showing the color around the house. We are seeing mostly yellow leaves, with just a few reds starting to pop. 

Be Safe !!!

We Lost Our Visitors …

Sadly, Beth and Catherine had to return to California today. We all agreed we had a wonderful visit, and hope they can come back soon! Their ride to the airport arrived at 5:30AM: 


Yesterday, Lou and the girls took a ride into Belfast, checked out the boat, and also went to Young’s Lobster Pound for an oyster-filled lunch. They also pick up some lobsters for dinner.


Catherine was the photographer for the day; I stayed home with the dogs.  Some luncheon photos:

It looks like a fun outing!  And, as mentioned, the girls brought lobsters home for another dinner. Waiting for photos, but I imagine they looked a lot like this:

C & B wanted to delay their departure for a week or two, but duty calls in California. They were especially disappointed to find out today, their departure date, is National Lobster Day.  

I would also like to take a moment to remember Lou Senior – Husband, Grandpa, Great- Grandpa, and Dad; today would have been his 99th birthday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Be Safe !!!