Month: August 2020

The Kindergarten Diet

Will finish up the day by sharing lunch. I survived Hospital Tuna!!! It will not be on repeat. I had applesauce and sugar free green jello – a classic kindergarten menu. Except a 5 year old would probably be smart enough to not order Hospital Tuna.

Might as well let you in on dinner, since that was my only other event today:

Marinated turkey tips, mashed taters and corn. The turkey tips were very good and the potatoes were warm. Thank you, room service.

We didn’t learn anything much new on the doctoring – all still on the positive path. My platelets came up, but they are not planning to do the biopsy. Signs continue to point to kidneys recovering. I will have dialysis tomorrow morning (found that out when room service called to get my early breakfast order). Still looking at getting out by end of the week. Christmas is not an option.

Whew – it has been a busy day considering I had nothing assigned by the concierge. I guess it could count as a Sea Day … Looking forward to Lou’s visit tomorrow.

Be Safe!!!

Lou Comes Bearing Gifts 🎁

Yesterday was guest day at the spa. Lou came at noon to cheer me up and have a few more laughs.

Gift number one – my very own pack of dried rice and red beans. So sweet. The backstory – one of my favorite food items when I first got to the spa was an offering called vegetarian rice and red beans. It was the first thing I could actually taste since I had started feeling unwell a couple weeks ago. Add a zip of tobasco sauce, and I knew I was on the mend.

Then, every time I tried to order it – “this selection is unavailable.” How could they? The thought occurs, I had received the last couple of portions in stock, and might have been the only person in Maine with a taste for this snack. So kind of Lou to bring a fresh supply !!!

Gift Number Two also requires a bit of explanation … it might be one of those “you had to be there stories,” but I will try to convey the meaning. I had to kick Lou out of the room a few visits ago, because he had me laughing so hard it hurt my kidneys. He had started a riff about how long I was going to be here, and if I was lucky I might make it home by Christmas.

He shows up yesterday with a Christmas Tree, and we started laughing all over. He said he was going to decorate it, but figured that should be done closer to Christmas time. Needless to say, the nursing staff has had quite a chuckle over my thoughtful gifts. Some get 💐 🌸 🌺 – I get red beans and rice – a much better choice!

It is now 12:30pm. And I am about to play Lunch Time Bingo. Going on the wild side today, trying a tuna sandwich. Hospital Tuna? Why not?

Be Safe – I am taking risk enough for all of us.

Conspiracy at the Spa …

Someone on the Spa Concierge team is conspiring to eliminate my blogging material. After yesterday’s breakfast adventure, I was eagerly anticipating some more fodder for sarcasm today.

I ordered at 7:15am and the nice room service attendant said, “It will be right up.” I laughed outloud as I hung up the phone. My breakfast arrived at 7:24am. Wut???!!??? Totally unacceptable. 9 minutes???

We might be tempted to think I had been upgraded to VIP status, to make up for yesterday’s debacle. Upon closer look, it is clear I ordered items that had been prepared at 4am, ready to be slung on a tray during the breakfast rush. That said, my vegetable omelette and 1/2 toasted bagel were cold but still edible, and I appreciated not waiting for almost 2 hours.

The downside of breakfast arriving at 7:30 was the concurrent arrival of the army of eager beavers coming to collect data and blood, and deliver medications.

That is a portion of my daily meds, plus an anticoagulant by IV. This might explain why it will take to the end of the week to sort out the medications.

I have already had one doctor visit, and still getting the same story as yesterday – kidneys improving, sort out medications, go home by end of week.

Tune in for an extra post or two today. I am bored, so will have some time to post.

Be Safe!!!

Kidneys Need Love, Too

Today was interesting. As we are working through the kidney issues, we are also dealing with diabetes and controlling blood sugar. This is going to be interesting as we navigate through the dietary needs. I say, “we,” because Lou is already thinking and planning. He even suggested I draw some kidneys …

I did a quick sketch, thinking positive thoughts. I might need this when I take over managing my treatment plan 🤒🤔🤣 Lou is already threatening to step in to the lead role.

I’m not saying the team approach is slow … Truth, it is going a little slow for us. But things are improving each day, so that is good.

Evening Update: I just lounged in the spa today — AFTER a real shower and hair washing this morning!!! Talk about a mood lift !

I know, kids, I still can’t take a selfie if my life depended on it.

Visited by three doctors today, and their news was pretty consistent – an improvement from last week. They all seemed pleased with the improvement they are seeing in my kidney function. I need to hang here at the spa for 4 or 5 more days so they can continue to monitor and get my medications balanced. They are also not pushing for the kidney biopsy – I am not crying about that. Diagnosis is still high probability of allergic reaction to meds.

Lou came to visit today and brought me a couple of fun gifts. I will share tomorrow when I am awake enough to do them justice. Let’s just say, his humor continues on overdrive 🤣😂🤣

Be Safe !!!

Sunday Brunch !!!

Good Morning from sunny Portland 🌞

You have no doubt figured out my days revolve around food. Today was no exception. I was on the order line at 7am prompt. 10 minutes on hold, then I gave my order. It is 7:10 am now.

Part of the entertainment is guessing when the food will arrive …

7:30 – No

7:45 – Nada

8:00 – Tears start

8:15 – Sobbing ensues

8:30 – Starts sending goodbye notes to family

8:45 – Nurse arrives. Said she sent the food back because it was stone cold

9:00 – Hot Breakfast Arrives

9:01 – Doctor walks in room. I laugh hysterically. He thinks I am crazy.

My feast was Cinnamon French Toast and Sugar Free Maple Syrup. With the first coffee I have had in 3 plus weeks. Plus an opportunity to use my culinary skills – I present …


Brief Update

Hello. Today was a good day. Slept in, then had afternoon dialysis. Then back to my room in time for dinner. Gave Lou a day off from the commute. My transport pod, complete with jet fuel:

Waiting for me … a nice clean bed:

Saw different doctors today. Kidney doc says they are not as focused on doing the kidney biopsy. My kidneys seem to be recovering some function, and they will be watching that closely. Plus, since I had a reaction to the heparin, it will still be a bit before platelets come up to make the biopsy safe.

It will continue to be a waiting game but we will keep fingers crossed and hope to get home early next week.

I had some fun today with this delightful photo taken of my left hand. This is where they have been doing blood draws every 4-6 hours. Doesn’t it look like I am transforming into a monkey? Queue “Planet of the Apes.”

Thank you all, for good wishes and prayers.

Be Safe!!!