Month: July 2020

Yum … Apple Pie

I had a meeting at the golf course this afternoon … when I came home, I found this:

This is made with his very own homegrown apples.

There was also a second pie baking … it also had blueberries and apples.

An awesome surprise!

What’s New?

Let’s see … we started the week with a nice visit from Kathy. She introduced me to the Hallmark Mystery Channel. Yesterday, Emily came by and we visited, and she joined us for pizza. It was great to catch up. She is doing well, is married to a nice guy (Dave, who we met last year), and is teaching high school in Rockland.

I had my annual mammogram, and all is good. That makes year No. 6 in the clear. Fortunately, I don’t worry about it, but it is nice to get the good result.

Lou is busy working on trains and projects. He doesn’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done – whoever said retirement was boring?

I finished my #30faces30days challenge. This was all about doing a new portrait each day for 30 days. There were 6 instructors who each lead 5 lessons over the course of the 30 days. I liked 3 of the 5 instructors, but didn’t care for the techniques or teaching style of two of them. Good to have a variety! I learned a lot. Went from tracing most of the subject, to being able to draw the faces before painting. Also learned more about using the iPad app to draw and paint.

I am going to redraw the guy in the first lesson (top left photo), to see if I can make him look less like a serial killer.

Be Safe!

No News is Good News

No exciting boat trips today. Just chilling, watching HGTV, working on trains and napping. Kathy is coming today to visit before appointments tomorrow and Tuesday.

Last week’s homework:

Remember – I am not picking my daily subjects – they are assigned by one of 6 different instructors. This accounts for the varied styles. I have completed 24 of 30, so 6 more to go !!!

Our Favorite Bridge

Today’s destination was the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and the town of Bucksport. Teresa and her husband, Robert, joined us.

Pablo brought the boat from Belfast to our dock, since it is easier to load the dogs from home. Everybody had a good time. We had a sandwich picnic once we got to the Bridge. The dogs were well behaved and enjoyed their cruise.

Be Safe!


It has been a little hot, but still managed to get outside two days in a row. Joined my friend Pat yesterday and we walked about 2 miles over the Belfast foot bridge and along the old rail road path.

After our walk, we went and checked out the boat. It was good to be outside and go for a walk. Today, I played golf … 18 holes … tired after, for sure.

I asked Lou what he did today, but he said he mostly went around in circles. I know he was dealing with social security, paying bills, and getting his car serviced … and, he did cook a nice dinner last night.

We had a good visit with Steve and Kathy, as they spent the night before Steve’s doctor’s appointment in Portland. We will hopefully see them for a longer visit next week.

Be Safe!

Art Update

No news to report for today, other than Lou making some delicious pork tacos for dinner. I ate them too fast to get a photo.

I will provide an update on my “art” education. I am up to Day 20 for my #30faces30days challenge. I am sticking to it, even though some daily assignments are more difficult or less interesting then others.

You can see the variety of subjects … this past week included a cranky baby, an old man, a guy with crazy hair, a woman with a raccoon on her head, and more … As a reminder, these are all done on the iPad following a video tutorial. A variety of techniques and mediums are used, since the iPad program can simulate pencils, charcoal, water color, and so on.

Be Safe!