Month: June 2020

A Day in the Life of a Couple of Elderly Folks

A rather quiet day so far. I did play golf yesterday … we started at 7:30am and it was foggy for the first couple of hours. Then the sun came out and it was a very nice day:

I managed to play all 18 holes, but have to admit to being a little tired the rest of the day.

Today started off with some rain. Lou took the dogs out for their morning constitution, and they needed a rest after returning:

I had to take Stitch to the vet for his rabies shot and annual physical. First time we had been to the vet since before COVID-19. They are doing curbside service – you drive up, call and tell them you are here, then someone comes out to get the dog when they are ready. Stitch did well and got a good report. It is kind of interesting – how do you know the vet is even there? Hmmm 🤔

Lou has been working on stuff, including setting up a new / replacement printer. He was watching some kind of technical instructional video when I went to his train room. The dogs demanded their 3pm biscuit.

I wish I had more exciting news, but it is just a typical rainy day around here. I do have today’s iPainting assignment to share:

Be Safe!

Random Stuff

Today started off on a sweet note. Facebook popped up this memory from 8 years ago:

I forget how Tasha was just a puppy when we took her on the boat for the summer. And, she still waits anxiously for Lou to return if he dare leaves the house.

To fill out the page, I will share my artwork of the day:


The second one is a work in progress. I still have more work to do with the coloring, but happy with it so far:

Be Safe!

A Very Nice Day

Today was quite pleasant at the cabin. It didn’t get too warm, and we got some things accomplished.

Peter the plumber showed up as promised and he is going to fix some of our shower heads. Score!

Then, I called the local Security company to give them our new land line phone number (that we installed for the security system). Then I asked if there was someone we could pay to come and check out the alarm system and tell us about it. The answer, “No, ma’am, there isn’t anyone to pay. But we will be right over to check things out.

Well, OK – that works for us. Within 20 minutes, a Sugarloaf Police cruiser drove up and two officers hopped out. Turns out, Sugarloaf Security is actually part of the police department. They do the monitoring and trouble shooting. They even brought some batteries because their log said we had a low battery alarm ( we did!).

I forgot to get a photo of the officers – I’m sure they would have been happy to help me out. So, instead, you get to see some of my art … my iPaintings. These are beginner lessons, just doing them to work on my skilz.

I was happy with my burger and shake, because I drew everything myself – no tracing or copying. Note that my iPad program has tools to help draw straight lines and stuff. So I have not magically learned to draw.

And, just a fun key lime cheesecake:

Be Safe!!!

Time for Take-Out

We came up to the mountain on Monday and Lou has been busy getting stuff organized, phone line installed, and more. I played golf on Tuesday, but only made it 15 holes. It was just too warm. Fortunately, Lou put together a few fans that cool the house nicely.

Tonight, we decided to get pizza from one of the restaurants that just reopened. It is about a five minute drive from the house.

The place was well set up for social distancing, with outdoor tables spaced well apart.

The parking lot wasn’t too crowded. I did hear it gets a crowd on the weekend.

Arrived home safely with the pizzas. Lou’s regular – pepperoni, extra cheese, and jalapeños.

And mine … the Torino – tomato, fresh basil, mozzarella, with a garlic olive oil base, and a balsamic reduction drizzle.

The Verdict – it was good. Definitely will go back, as it beats cooking every night. I would probably give the edge to our local Northport pizza place.

Be safe!

A Day at Sea…

This might be fake news, because we didn’t actually go out to sea. We picked up our boat and Pablo at the marina in Belfast, and cruised the Penobscot to the house.

Me waiting inside the air conditioned boat while the guys get stuff ready:

The guys are trying to get the dingy on the boat lift …

Ahhh, cruising past Young’s Lobster Pound 🦞 – thinking how Catherine and Beth Would be ordering 5 pound lobsters if they were here.

Arriving at our dock – can barely see the house, the trees are in full leafery:

The objective for today was for me to learn how to drive and dock the dinghy. We popped it off the back of Promise, and Pablo and I took off. I didn’t kill us, but also didn’t go full throttle. I learned how to dock the dinghy in our platform, how to tie it off. And even how to hop off onto the platform. Not too bad for an elderly person. Lou captured a few photos of my dinghy prowess:

I gracefully disembarked for a final time (you may have heard of the knee-to-butt-dinghy-dismount). The plan was for me go on to the house and check on the dogs, while the guys took the boat back to Belfast.

After my dismount, I had to hike up the hill to get to the house – whew, this is way too much activity for one day.

I waved to the guys and the dogs barked:

It was a fun day, and we are looking forward to getting more time aboard this summer.

Be Safe!

A Crafty Guest Blog

Beth sent us an advanced preview of the gift she made for Catherine’s birthday. It is so cute!!! We couldn’t share until Beth was able to give it to Catherine. Beth, Catherine and Louise celebrated with a girl’s night out yesterday, and Beth was able to reveal her gift.

Here is Beth’s description:

My craft for this weekend was to make a succulent dish (not food) with a beach theme for Catherine for her upcoming birthday. I made the fence with popsicle sticks and thin copper wire, and I made the Adirondack chair from popsicle sticks too. Even the flip flops are rocks from my side yard and I used puffy glue for the straps. Think it turned out pretty darn good!

How cute is that??? I feel honored to be part of such a crafty family 😍👍🥂

Be Safe!