Month: April 2020

Cheers 🍻

We continue to deal with crazy weather. A few days ago, it was so cold it tried to snow. Then yesterday was almost beach weather – in the 60s and sunny! We even have flowers!!!

And, we still have dogs. Meet Dopey and Grumpy:

Be Safe!!!

Note – the title of this post really has nothing to do with the content. I had intended to post a different photo, but got sidetracked by the flowers. Will save the cheers 🍻 for another day.

The Sun Will Rise Again

Greetings everyone. This was just a fun photo exercise, not intended to be commentary on the current state of affairs. I picked this beer because it only had 90 calories a bottle 😉

We are still in lockdown, with no idea when Maine will relax the rules. I went to the grocery store yesterday and was pleased to see many things in stock. They have arrows showing the direction you must go, to keep one way traffic and facilitate social distancing. Let’s just say this adds a whole level of complexity for the over 60 crowd.

Be Safe!

Happy Anniversary

Today is a milestone anniversary for Catherine and Mark – more years married then single. Happy 26th Anniversary!!!

Lou and I were scheduled to head out to Disney World today … obviously that trip is cancelled. We are fine with that, would rather have people be safe, including ourselves!!! Plus, we can reschedule when the world begins to move back to normal.

It was a good opportunity to review some Disney memories and recall just how much better Disney is with family. These photos are from our 2012 trip.

Be Safe!

Stitch gets a Bath

Had to breakdown and give Stitch a bath today. We normally have the dogs groomed every two weeks, so he was getting a bit smelly.

He liked the bath part just fine, but he doesn’t like the hair dryer so I have spent two hours trying to towel dry him. Combing him out is going to be fun, too!

Take Out !

For the first time since Covid-19 made its appearance, we had food from a restaurant. Our local pizza place offers delivery or curbside pickup. I called ahead, ordered our dinner, and paid by credit card. I drove up 20 minutes later and a nice young man brought our piping hot pizza right out.

It was very good. Lou picked his usual … meat and jalapeños. I tried the Mediterranean.

I added a couple of salads to our order – I think we will have these tomorrow.

I imagine we will try this again.

And, thanks for your comments in the last post. It is good to know how others are dealing with life as we know it today.

Life is Good

Not necessarily great, but Good 😂😂😂

If you see this post, please let us know what life in the times of Covid-19 is like for you.

This meme pretty much sums up my response to the Stay-at-Home life. Lou is doing better than I am when it comes to eating the house …