Month: March 2020

Pretzels !!!

Lou was frustrated with not being able to find the big pretzels he likes, so he made his own:

And, I am happy to report … the pretzels 🥨 are delicious 😋

More than a Pretty Face

Hello – life is calm in the woods. We had some snow last night but rain has washed much away already.

Victoria (our youngest granddaughter) sent this photo of her beautiful painting – her self portrait. Tory is in high school and is missing volleyball, but says she is adapting well to staying at home. There is a lot of artistic talent in the Holmes Family.

We know the social distancing and accompanying worries may well be difficult for many. We miss seeing our neighbors and friends, miss the occasional dinner out, and will all be looking a bit ragged from cancelled grooming appointments. But it seems the best we can all do is hunker down and get through this next few months. Sending love to all.

Minor Update

Not much new. Hoping everyone is coping well.

Had to be up early cause the window guys were coming at 7am, so I took the opportunity to go to my first Senior Shopping Hour at Hannafords. Not a lot fewer people han normal but the shelves were pretty well stocked at 6:30am. I saw toilet paper, and beans!!! I was surprised to see no laundry detergent on the shelves. Picked up enough random food to last through the weekend, and to drive Lou crazy 🤓😜😉 which is always fun.

Today I worked on another bottle photograph. I need to get this one to Lou so he can drink it!!! Why do I do this? Bottles and the liquid inside are pretty, so I like learning how to photograph them.

Be safe!

No More Snow

It has warmed up and just a little snow left. We have construction going on … it must be spring in Maine. We are getting some windows replaced. I am taking an afternoon break – can’t get up to take the photo of the scaffolding, because I can’t disturb Natasha – she is sleeping on my lap.

In other news, … there is no news. I’ve got a few photos from today – Lou is wanting me to finish up some of my bottles so we can drink my props:

Be safe. Be distant.

Shock & Awe

I love the expression on this gentleman’s face. He is doing a double take to confirm there is, in fact, toilet paper on the shelf:


We made an unscheduled stop at Hannaford’s this afternoon – and imagine my surprise when there was toilet paper on the shelves at 2:30pm. There was no Kleenex, which is what I was looking for 😹

Most other things in the store were in stock as well. They have closed down the deli and meat counters, but they had plenty of packaged deli and meat items in stock. Kathy said the situation was similar in Machiasport, and Walgreen’s had TP as well.

We might get some snow tonight.

Stay safe!