Month: February 2020

Armchair Chili

Trying out a new recipe today – actually an old one, but new to me 😉

It is rainy and windy – a good day for a crock pot full of chili. My goal is to do all the cooking stuff, and just consult with my armchair expert when necessary.

We lost power just as I added the last ingredient, and the generator didn’t come on. Lou (the armchair guy) quickly diagnosed the issue and had the generator on. Power came back within half an hour.

Stop by later to see how the chili comes out. I will update after dinner.

Report: so hungry forgot to take a pic, but it looked like chili. It was good … came out on the sweeter side compared to the Armchair Chef’s spicier versions – but still good, and Lou didn’t have to cook.

Rained off and on all day!!!

Who Knows?

Why they do what they do? Last night, I watched Stitch go over to the toy box – he was the only one around – dig through and pull out a toy. He then trotted off with it. What is unusual – he hardly ever plays with toys unless it is to annoy Natasha.

I found the lambie by the food bowl, where it spent the night and is still there this morning. Who knows???

Looking forward to possible snow ❄️ soon.

Home …

We made it home early yesterday evening and all is good here. Teresa and the dogs were waiting. It will take a day or two to adjust from our early flite yesterday. A great big thank you to Karen and Tom for hosting us, and to Beth and Todd for giving up their Valentine’s weekend to spend time with us.

Life is back to normal. Stitch (and Lou) are enjoying their morning nap. And Natasha has taken residence on my lap.

Here is another shot of Stitch, trying to keep his eyes open:


Almost Home

We finished our last evening with Karen and Tom with celebratory drinks and 🍕!!! Perfect close to a great visit.

Since we returned our rental car, Tom was taking us to the airport at 5am. Karen went along for the ride.

This worked great, and we quickly made it to our gate. Had a timely and smooth flight to Detroit, where we are now waiting for the next leg to Portland.

Airplane Breakfast was actually good.

Pickle Time

In the ongoing report on our adventures, here is my new Pickleball gear … Karen took me to get new court sneakers, and gave me a racket and a ball. I’m set. She also showed me a bit about the game … will just need to continue strengthening the knee.

We took our car back to the airport to avoid super early drop-off tomorrow morning. Just happened to get back to home territory in time for a quick stop at my favorite.

Obviously, Weight Watchers is on vacation this week !!!


We enjoyed Friday in Arizona. Tom treated Karen and I to a walk around the Mesa Mart … we saw lots of crafts, t-shirts, and artwork.

After a quick and tasty dinner of hotdogs and hamburgers, we set off for an evening adventure. This time, Tom and Karen were treating us to a cultural experience. We were on our way to ASU for the musical “Beautiful.” This is the story of Carole King’s early music career – both the story and the music were great. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

A beautiful sunset
Tom had already purchased our tickets online

We had fun balcony seats where we could see everything, and Lou had an aisle. Everyone enjoyed the show, especially the lady in front of us who rocked the whole night long.