Month: January 2020

Catching the Light

Not a lot of love for my raspberries, so I think I will skip my next series of “Dark and Moldy” food photography. Instead, we go back to a safe subject – cute dogs!

Natasha always enjoys a morning nap, and today was no exception. She found her favorite spot, testing a few different positions as she soaked up the morning rays.


Hoping everyone has a great day, and a nice weekend.

Better than Raspberries

Taking some pics of the buildings Lou has been working on. These are from model kits where he puts everything together, paints them, puts in windows, and more. The larger one is the rectory that goes with the church – have shown that before, but will show it again soon. (Click to expand images)

Raspberries Gone Rogue

Today’s assignment was macro photography on food. I performed a scientific experiment and determined that blackberries have a longer shelf life in the fridge than do raspberries … you are welcome, I’m sure that is information people wanted to know.

Nothing else exciting going on. The weather is nice, 25 degrees and sunny, with zero chance of snow.

All is Well in Coldville

It really isn’t that cold right now, and a lot of our snow is gone. I’m sure we will get more next week.

We are all happy Lou is home. Stitch is especially pleased. One extra person in the house increases his odds of getting a treat.

I have been trying to straighten up the basement so I can set up my photography stuff, so just leftovers these past couple of days. I had an assignment in my class to do a “dark & moody” shot.

So here are some dark cupcakes:

And some moody muffins that Lou made – these are banana nut, a good thing because I believe his blueberry muffins couldn’t have pulled off the moody look.:

I am not sure cupcakes and muffins are good subjects for dark & moody, but you gotta work with what you have.

Thank Goodness, He’s Home!

Adult supervision has returned to Shore Road. But first thing this morning, the dogs insisted on going outside.

What a gorgeous morning – click to enlarge photos!

Natasha decided to venture where she is not supposed to go! Down the old stairs to the beach. Stitch took off after her and barked,”come back silly, we need to get our cookie.” (Click photos to expand)

She came back, and as I turned, I saw why she was so enamored of exploring all the forbidden places: turkey tracks. Tons of turkeys passed through here.

Stitch waits for me, and says, “I did good. I brought the girl back. Do I get two COOKIES?”

After this, I had an uneventful trip to the airport to pick up Lou. It was uneventful because I did NOT run out of gas even though the instrument panel was screaming at me “Low Fuel Alert!” (Maybe I have been on my own for too long – dogs and cars are speaking to me.)

Home safe and sound, Stitch has to give his report to Lou:

One More …

Finished up my dinner and, of course, took a photo. Here is my Magic Burger. This time with Air Fryer Fries. I have a full tummy and can say this is probably the first time I have survived 5 days when home alone without any fast food.

I will also say, I am looking forward to something besides Magic Turkey when Lou gets home. Turkey sausage patties, turkey burgers … all good and especially pleased that they are healthy … but I don’t need them every day! Lou should be back in Bangor tomorrow morning.

My burger and fries from this evening’s dinner: