Month: December 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve

We finally started getting snow last night at 8pm. We have a few inches, but rain is forecast later this afternoon – boo.

Stitch goes from this ^ to this – see below, in .5 seconds. (And he is simply sitting in the photo above 😉 )

An odd moment in time – Stitch looking reflective – no doubt wondering where his cookie is for responding to his name being called.

It is very hard to capture photos of Natasha in the snow. She runs out to the woods, then daintily works her way back to the side of the house before coming up the steps. She got a bit wet and it was snowing.

Princess Paws steps carefully

I hope we don’t get too much rain this afternoon. Can’t wait for a really good snowstorm!

So Quiet!!!

We are all adjusting to the quiet, missing the action since all of our company has left. We had a great time, so can’t be too sad.

The pups and I spent yesterday catching up on our Star Wars movies, so we will be ready to see the latest one. (And yes, Stitch is actually watching tv. He likes the robots and strange creatures in Star Wars movies. Tasha is momentarily alert, then back to sleep on my lap.)

The Party is Over …

It has been a great week, so we can’t be too sad that it is now time for the Holmes family to make the long flight back to California. We very much appreciate them coming to visit us in the Maine woods!

Lou was up and made breakfast sandwiches for everyone. The car came, and sadly the group was on their way by 6:30am:

We got a note from Beth saying she made it home at 3am, although her luggage is expected to join her sometime later today.

Natasha and Stitch will miss the constant attention … and will probably sleep for three days.

Departure Day …

Sadly, it is time for Beth to say goodbye. She needs to get home for work, and to spend some Holiday time with Todd and the pups. It was wonderful having her here, and a great surprise for Lou.

Beth gets a hand traversing the slick-like-an-ice-rink driveway.

Bye Beth 💞

While we were sad to see Beth go, it was super special to have her here for Christmas.

The rest of the family continued with the high energy level activities – puzzles, naps, hot tubbing, and eating. The best kind of vacation days.

Every puzzle ended up missing at least one piece. Hmmm – Tom Danjczek was here this fall – sounds like one of his tricks.

Dead soldiers
These puzzles are starting to wear Mark down. We have to get some bigger ones next time!

Dinner was leftover prime rib, cheesy potatoes, and Caesar salad. Enjoyed by all!

Spa time …

The Day After …

Christmas. It was a most notable day – we pretty much relaxed, napped, and snacked.

The morning started with opening up Grandma Jeannette’s assortment of cakes and spreads for a yummy start to breakfast.

Photo Credit: Catherine Holmes

I had an early Physical Therapy appointment for my knee, where once again, I was asked, “Are you sure you haven’t had any surgery on your hip?” Um yeah, I answer, I think I would remember something like that. We continued working on strengthening my Core – so 2019.

The kids contemplated going into Camden for shopping, but ended up lounging instead. The big event for the day was a dinner reservation at the Hartstone Inn, one of our favorite Camden restaurants. We had a delicious dinner.

Olivia needed a photo for her collection:

We were greeted by a charming gingerbread lighthouse in the foyer, and Beth wanted a photo of it:

Beth and I each had a glass of champagne to toast the evening:

A nice photo of Mark and Olivia:

And, not all family photos are a success:

We started with an amuse bouche … featuring a tiny scallop and Vermont Sauce. Vermont Sauce turned out to be Beurre Blanc Sauce …

Catherine, Lou, and Beth chose the seafood plate appetizer which they all said was delicious. Apologies for some of the photos – it was dark in the restaurant, so hard to get photos of everything in focus.

I chose the Tuscan White Bean soup for a starter – and it was hearty enough to be dinner.

Tory, Mark, and Olivia chose bread with a delicious honey butter as their appetizer.

Lou, Mark, and Tory had the Hangar Steak with chimichurri sauce. and they all three quickly joined the clean plate club. This was a hit. (Tory and Mark elected to have their steak cooked 🙂 ).

Catherine and Beth went with … the Lobster Francaise. This too, was rated delicious and quickly disappeared.

Olivia and I both picked the Chicken Saltimboca – and this was also a winner. Everyone enjoyed their choices.

Beth had made homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream, so most saved room for dessert at home. I had to have the pumpkin soufflé – once again, excellent. Several broke down and had the extremely rich chocolate ganache tart.

Dinner was an all around success. Service was on the slow side, but the restaurant was full, and we enjoyed the chance to visit. We will continue to return to the Hartstone Inn for special occasions.

Thanks for following our culinary evening.