Month: October 2019

A Morning Hike

Wednesday 13 July 2016

We woke up near the Mill Creek area of the Tongass Forest, and set out for a hike through the woods, past a fish ladder, and ending at a picturesque lake, possibly Virginia Lake. I find no evidence of Beth in the morning photos, so she may have chosen to enjoy a quiet morning on the ship.

We found a pretty trail through the woods, with a few surpises along the way. This is considered a rain forest, and it is lush and green. The two folks we met on our hike were new friends from Australia.

Olivia did a bit of exploration …

Click for larger version

Once back onboard, we had lunch. I actually have a photo – it was Taco Day. This is Tory’s lunch … two tacos, two rolls. An interesting combo. Looks like the kids are getting some wisdom from Sean … our Zen Expedition Guide.

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Leaves on the Trees

We are at the point where we are starting to see pockets of fall color, and it is very pretty in areas. We are also at the point where a wind and rain storm will knock many of the leaves to the ground. A storm is predicted for later this week.

Here are a few photos from our ride to town yesterday.

And, this morning’s sunrise:

More Alaska photos incoming today! Hoping to finish up with the 2016 trip this week.

What a Lazy Day

Been feeling like a cold is coming, so just taking it easy. Good excuse, anyway.

Lou, on the other hand, has been quite active. He has been rewiring a bunch of train stuff.

He cooked dinner last night and Donna joined us. He made Peachy Pork Tenderloin with Coconut Thai Rice, and it was good.

Stitch needed a hug today.

Natasha does not approve.

Starting to get some fall color … from yesterday:

I painted this picture (with the computer)

This is about as exciting as it gets around here.

More Evidence of Aliens in Alaska

Tuesday 12 July 2016

We all enjoyed a quiet morning, but things got dicy in the afternoon. Some of the group headed out for a strenuous hike, and the smart ones signed up for the skiff tour. The skiff tour started out on the dull side:

Ho hum, we have been seeing mountains and clouds for two weeks. Still, it was nice to see the sunshine so bright.

We could barely see one of the hiking groups after they had landed.

Things are starting to get interesting. This is obviously a glacier. The notes on our trip map say Baird Glacier (thanks Kathy), but it looks different from the approach we made to Baird Glacier on our last trip. Maybe we are on another part of it. I’m not doing a good job of showing we are actually in a skiff, and are carefully winding our way through very shallow water. When we make the next turn, we can see some caves in the ice.

I don’t know what those streaks are. I’m thinking there might be some type of alien radioactivity affecting the camera sensor. It did it on the second photo as well. I suppose it is possible it is the camera capturing drips from inside the cave, but that isn’t as much fun as alien interference. Our guides had to pose for a photo at the cave entrance.

This photo clearly shows the entrance to the cave. I’m guessing this is where the aliens stored their exploration vehicles when they didn’t want to take them back to the mother ship.

We can see the hikers again – that is Tory in the center in the pink jacket. We think perhaps we have better views of the alien caves from the skiff.

There is a lesson here. Sometimes the days that start slowly, and the adventures that seem “meh” at the beginning lead to uncharted territory, and to the best surprises of the trip. The photos may not do justice to the sights we saw, and the fun we had working our way towards the ice caves. Does anyone remember the name of this area? I’m sure I wrote the name of the glacier down in my notes, but that would have been, cough cough, a while ago.

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Afternoon Adventures – Chasing Tails

Steve was waiting for us when we returned from our Shorewalk. He had picked a more strenuous activity for the morning.

After lunch (it is so strange for me not to have documented every meal!), Beth and Catherine signed up for Sister Kayaking.

Just after the sisters returned, some of us headed out for a skiff. The gals waved us off, and we set out for what I assumed might be a dull but relaxing ride.

And then we saw … this!!!

We just missed a breaching whale. But we headed out towards the location and hung out for over an hour. We never saw another breach, but we saw many, many humpback whales diving and showing some tail. It was quite an experience to be sitting right on the water in the zodiac, with the whales nearby. We could hear them as well as see them. The following is just a small subset of our photos from this afternoon.

It approached 5pm, and our guide began to make a beeline back to the ship, not wanting to get yelled at for keeping us out too long (but truthfully, they were flexible when we had such a good wildlife sighting). Lou even cracks a smile … yeah, I’m sure he is smiling just a bit 🙂

We found a welcoming committee as we got back to the ship. What a fun day so far. It’s always a treat when both morning and afternoon adventures are winners.

We had some food for dinner (how’s that for investigative reporting?). As if we hadn’t already seen enough, the Captain announced whales in front of the ship at the end of dinner. We watched lots of different whales from about 8:15pm to 9:30pm. Some came very close to the ship.

The light was tricky – beautiful to see, difficult to photograph. By 9:30pm the sun had set and the sky was a rich golden color. A remarkable end to a very good day.

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Our Stuff Arrives from Florida

We had odds and ends from our ckeanup at the Florida house. Probably stuff we could live without, but some good stuff like Lou’s computers, plotters, and printers. We weren’t expecting it right away, but Lou received a call a few days ago that it was on the way. The truck arrived yesterday, and it was a quick unloading process:

This is the pile of stuff in the garage. Lou had already unpacked 6 boxes – and had the boxes folded and ready for the dump – by the time I took the photo. He doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet.

So what type of stuff did we bring from Florida … here’s a random selection. Good stuff here – Star Wars Christmas Ornaments, my iPad cover made by Olivia, our Quoddy Lighthouse painting, a boat, Mickey & Minnie, some extension cords, my Laser Disc Collection, and more … oh, and a CPC cement sack. Plus Lou’s diplomas.