Month: October 2019

Silver Salmon Bear Hunting – Slim Pickings

27 August 2015, Thursday

Started the day with breakfast, skipping the sunrise tour today.

As the title of this post foretells, today was not going to be a stellar one for finding bears. We did enjoy our time out and about, and saw other interesting things.

Very strange clouds
Making the grand tour – driving the loop looking for bears in their usual places
People fishing, and a nice view of the mountains
A crazy speeding boat in shallow waters
Where are those darned bears?
Nope, no bears here
What you do when there are no bears – talk about the bears you saw last time you were here.
Back to the Lodge for Lunch

No bears at all this morning, but it was a beautiful morning. It is disappointing when the bears don’t come out, but it also makes us appreciate them when they do show up.

Click HERE to see if the bears show up.

Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Natasha is going to have us brought up on charges. Lou found this collection of small tennis balls when we were in Florida. They are the size of golf balls and Natasha absolutely loves them. She can’t have them, because she will drive everyone nuts when she keeps putting them under the furniture.

I put them on top of the fireplace, thinking they would be safe from prying eyes. Somehow, someway, she spotted them today. This then lead to a very insistent, and crying dog. She HAD to have those balls and she was determined to get them.

UhOh, here comes Stitch to offer advice. He is the houndini of getting to impossible places. This can’t be good.

Oh yes, advice from Stitch … “Climb up on something, anything, to get you closer to your prey” (which, in the case of Stitch, is usually a loaf of bread).

After watching this for 15 minutes or so, I distracted Natasha and hid the small tennis balls. She is still convinced they are up there somewhere, but is not as obsessed – for the time being.

Now she naps, no doubt dreaming of all the little tennis balls …

A Nice Day of Fall Golf

Played at a beautiful course today, The Woodlands in Falmouth ( near Portland ). Mij went to Acadia, and Lou stayed home with the pups. You can click on the photos to see a larger version.

Some pics from today:

Posts are Starting to Appear – 2015 Bear Trip

Posts are currently being updated for our very first bear viewing adventure at the Alaska Homestead Lodge in Lake Clark National Park. If you are tired of bears, you might want to skip this section now and just come back to the link in a month or two. If your name is AMY, please look at all the pictures twice, cause there won’t be anymore bears for a while, once this report is done.

We did this adventure as part of a photography tour group – Van Os Photo Safaris, lead by Perry Conway.

Here is the link to get you started on this trip. Or just scroll back a couple of posts to hop into Day 3 of the action. You will also notice that one of the main stars of the 2015 trip is Crimp Ear. She is the sow with two yearling cubs. Remember, she showed up in the last part of our 2019 tour, demonstrating her excellent fishing skills.

Will the Bears Come Out and Play? Day 3, Part 2

It was almost 5pm when we set off for our afternoon session, mostly a function of waiting for the tide to go down. We headed out to the inlet where the creek and the ocean meet – saw a pretty boat, but no bears.

And then, after almost an hour, we saw a bear in the meadow. It was heading towards the Lodge!

This is an older sow who has been around for years. I believe her name is Looper. She is very BIG.

Since we were at the Lodge, we had an early dinner, then headed out again. We had better luck in the evening.

Even though the light was getting low, we continued on and saw more bear activity.

Turned out to be a good day, after all!

Days 4 and 5 coming soon.

Click HERE to read about Day 4.

Silver Salmon Creek – Day 3, Part 1

We 26 August 2015, Wednesday

Our third day started before breakfast.

We scoped out the area, but no bears were waiting for us, so it was back to the lodge for breakfast. Looks like Lou is the first one up to the kitchen, the advantage of skipping sunrise excursions.

After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fruit, we were off on our morning bear hunting expedition. With no bears immediately in sight, some of the guys checked out the wave action.

And then … da da da dun!!! We saw bear tracks …

Chris was working the binoculars, while I was taking photos of the nice Canadian family in our group.

Still searching for bears, we hung out at the beach for a while longer.

We caught up with Captain Handsome, and another guide from Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. They weren’t having any luck either. Do you think we can get a refund?

We did find a dead fish on the shore. Probably dropped off by a bear, for a snack later in the day.

Looks like we got skunked in the morning session. Not a bear to be found. Back to the Lodge for lunch, and an extended afternoon break. Perry, our leader, gave a wildlife photography presentation.

We will pick up the rest of the day in the next post. Somewhat disappointing not to find any bears in the morning session, but it happens. It is also the reason why we recommend people stay at least a couple of nights, if going to the trouble and expense of flying in somewhere for bear viewing.

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