Month: October 2019

Scandal at Silver Salmon Creek

We left off with our last post showing one of the cubs with a rather large salmon. Did this little bear catch this big fish?

Let’s look closely. There is something odd about this fish.

His fish has a rather large hook in its mouth. In fact, the little bear 🐻 may have thought he caught it, but he actually just picked it off the string of salmon some lazy fisherman had left in the creek.

There are strict rules in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve … all fish must be put into a fish box, and cannot be left on a stringer in the creek. The person who was fishing here broke that rule, and the infraction was witnessed by a Park Ranger. The real danger is the bears associating humans with food. In the worst case scenario, the bears would be put down.

We continued documenting the activities of the bears.

The bears did feast on the salmon, but fortunately, they were not too interested in the human goods. After their salmon lunch, Mama allowed the cubs to nurse.

We continued watching from across the creek, as the bears napped. Mama would lie her head down briefly, then lift up and scope out the area, but they did not appear to be stressed.

The gal on the right side of this photo is a Ranger. She told us both the fisherman and his guide would most likely be fined. The guide was one who flew in for the day, not one from the local lodges. Later that afternoon, another Ranger visited the lodge to interview us, and also collected some photographs. Interfering with the bears is a serious offense.

One last look at the resting trio, before they ambled away to new territory.

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Our Last Day of Bear Hunting at Silver Salmon Creek

28 August 2015, Friday

A sunrise excursion was on the agenda for our last full day at the Alaska Homestead Lodge. Encouraged by seeing bears the previous afternoon, we were all hoping for a bountiful end to our tour.

We spent some time amongst the rocks and tide pools at the beach today. Found lots of interesting creatures.

That was interesting, but now it is time for the main attraction … BEARS! We were happy to see Crimp Ear and cubs, having missed them the last few sessions.

We watched Crimp Ear fish for a while, although we didn’t see her catch anything during this session – surprising because she is an excellent fisher-bear.

Then more serious fishing:

Still coming up empty handed, the bears decided to try a new territory. There, they got lucky immediately. But wait, there is a story here.

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Winning at The Hichborn

Our third time to The Hichborn, in the small town of Stockton Springs. Still just as good as ever. We shared a delicious meal (we each had our own 😁 ) with Mij.

We started with appetizers. Lou and Mij each had oysters. I had the Salt Cod Fritters. These were good, but not as nice as the Fiddlehead Fritters I had on our first visit.

The Hichborn has a fun and interesting drink menu. This is the first time I tried one of their specialty drinks. For our main course, Mij and I each had the Halibut. Lou had the Wee Bit Farm Short Ribs. Lou’s ribs look like they melted off of the bone. Our halibut was amazing – the added flavor of the mushrooms and peppers to the cauliflower puree was delicious. The photos do not do justice to the main courses.

Desserts are not to be missed at The Hichborn. In spite of the weird sounding combinations, they are all quite good. It was a successful evening, and we made it home safely, and to bed by 8:30 pm – trying to adjust to these shorter days.


Sharing some more local fall color. We have had a couple of days of wind and rain, but not as many leaves have fallen as expected. There is still beauty, even in places with partial leaf covering.

Yellow is the predominant color as we turn into our driveway.

Afternoon Action – Bears Show Up

We did find a bear in the afternoon session – the light was not very good for photography, but the bear was active and that was always fun to watch. You can actually see where a fish is, in the next photo.

A big splash, and we wait to see if the bear catches the fish.

No luck, but this bear tries again and again, never quite coming up with a meal.

We let the bear go in peace, and headed over to the beach, where we found our bear called “Orphan.” This bear was content to play and eat a fish it found in the sand. I’m not positive if this is a flounder or a halibut – both are flat fish.

We are a respectful distance from the bear, but still close enough to get photos with our zoom lenses. After watching this bear gnaw on the fish for quite some time, we packed it in and went back to the Lodge for dinner.

After a filling dinner, we decided to skip an evening run, since we’d stayed out late in the afternoon.

This is the view from the common area in the Lodge.

Bear Viewing wasn’t too exciting today. Of course, seeing a couple of bears was certainly better than seeing none. It is easy to get spoiled! Let’s hope it picks up tomorrow, our last full day at Silver Salmon Creek.

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