Month: October 2019

A Thursday Wintery Day

Is it winter yet? It sure seems like it. It was in the 30’s when we woke up, and in the 40’s when I made it to the golf course. We had to wait a half an hour for the frost to dissipate from the greens before we could start. It turned out to be a beautiful day, chilly but sunny. The leaves are continuing to turn, but still have a long way to go.

Then, to top off a nice day, Lou cooked another one of his super good dinners. He made a noodle stir-fry with leftover chicken and broccoli. It hit the spot on a cold night. I just might follow up with Hot Chocolate for dessert 🍮

Update – Hot Chocolate in progress 😀

Note – I’ve been in two photos this week. The snowbirds are leaving and it has been picture week. Don’t get used to it 🤣

More Lobstah

Don’t want to forget Tom’s last lobster 🦞, at least while he and Karen were at our house. I imagine he had a few more when they went up to Bar Harbor on Sunday.

We went out on the boat for a couple hours last Friday, and followed that adventure up with a trip to Young’s Lobster Pound. We enjoyed seeing Tom & Karen, and plan to visit them in Arizona this winter.

Do They have to Grow Up???

I remember when little Jack was just a boy. Before he became Captain Jack Sparrow, and began hanging out with Captain Hook and the other Pirates of the Caribbean … oops, got a little off track there. This post contains some memories of Olivia and Tory – from our 2012 cruise on the Disney Dream. This was our very first Disney Cruise, and we all loved it. Just seven short years ago, but the girls sure have grown up! Olivia is a sophomore at USC – marching with the Trojan Band, and Tory is a junior in high school – leading her volleyball team to victory.

A look back at some of the fun moments from the cruise: Castaway Cay was a big hit, and the girls could have spent all day enjoying the water slides and swimming on our private beach.

The rest of the family enjoyed Castaway Cay as well.

The girls also enjoyed life onboard the Dream – they got to do a little cruise-ship shopping, and had fun with Mickey and Papa Lou. They also broke a few records for number of times on the Aqua Duck waterslide.

It is possible the adults also enjoyed life on the Dream. It is also possible, and most probable, that a few very nice meals graced our palates.

This post didn’t start out to be about reliving our first Disney Cruise, but the memories were too good not to share. You might see more of these memory lane posts, as organizing photos is one of my projects for this winter.

It wouldn’t be complete without taking Catherine and Beth down memory lane – because they so enjoy it! I will say one thing – Olivia and Tory certainly have better quality photographic memories of their childhood. Regardless, C&B are still too cute, and it is always a pleasure to travel with them.

A Cold Golf Outing

Today our traveling group left at 6:30am for Bar Harbor – about a 2 hour drive. We made it safely, checked in and prepared to play Kebo Valley Golf Club – a new course for all of us. We had fun, but it never stopped drizzling, and it just kept getting colder and colder. Definitely need to take extra dry socks next time.

The golf course is pretty, as it borders Acadia National Park. Still waiting for the fall colors to arrive.

There were a few trees starting to turn …
I played with Pat – she leaves to spend the winter in Florida next week. And I think she is ready!