Month: September 2019

What the … Fox ???

So last night we were in the sunroom, watching TV. Lou says, “what the heck is that? It’s a FOX 🦊!!!

A fox was examining the doggie door and looked like he might want to come inside. I tried to stand up to get a photo without alerting the dogs, but wasn’t super successful. I got a blurry shot just as he was running off the deck.

This would be a great match with my other blurry shots of wildlife at home – the beaver that ran down the driveway, and the moose by Lou’s office.

The fox looked a lot like this, but he/she was a darker red:

Where did the Summer go?

Hard to believe we are entering the fall season, and about to witness the changing colors. We are starting to see some leaves change already, but still a long way to go. As always, we hope they change before they fall off the trees. Here are a few photos from the golf course, and the ride home.

Apple Crisp

Lou and Karen got in Apple mode today (no new iPhones involved – except to take the photos). They carved up some apples and made an Apple Crisp. Edit: Forgot to say, these apples are from Lou’s trees.

Enjoying Visitors from Arizona

Tom and Karen are here for several days, enjoying our relaxing lifestyle in Maine. We are having a good time, catching up on memories, and not laughing at Tom’s jokes. One of the things we have been doing is eating … and eating …

Last evening, we visited The Hichborn – a restaurant in Stockton Springs that is excellent. Some photos of the evening.

Lou & the Ladies do Lunch

Catching up on some of this past month’s activities. Before we left for Florida, Lou hosted my golf group for lunch. This looks like it is becoming an annual event. He served a homemade gazpacho, followed by lobster rolls and a fruit tart. Thank you, Lou!

Vicki, Bettie, Pat, Veronica, Pam, Lou, Paula

I was not being camera shy, simply forgot to ask Lou to take a photo of the ladies.

We are in Maine

Arrived safely on Wednesday after a smooth travel day with no delays. Only glitch was a three mile walk from D Concourse to E Concourse for our flight from Charlotte to Bangor. Okay, maybe not 3 miles, but it was a long way.

It will take us a couple of days to get back to our hectic Maine lives. Or not, since most of our days are decidedly un-hectic. We are looking forward to a visit from Tom and Karen next week.

In other news, I was up early and came down for coffee. Stitch had to follow, but he could not stay awake: