Month: July 2019

It Started with a Sign …

Northport Golf Club was hosting the third annual Fundraiser for the local Hospital’s Mammography Assistance Fund. I volunteered Lou to make a few signs. That then morphed into him making 67 tee sponsor signs !!!

The signs …

A key part of the fundraiser is the Secret Auction. Our women’s group, and members of the community, donate items and we auction them off. Quite a bit of fun and many unique items. My friend, Pat was quite creative in arranging the baskets. (I got credit for helping, but all I did was sweep up and make a few notes). And Kathy Faul even donated some handmade Soup Cozies for the auction!

We also had a table of raffle items … donated by members and local businesses.

The event was quite a success!!! Last year we raised about $6,500. This year … we made $17,000 !!! The big increase was due to another friend, Lisa, who asked businesses to sponsor the tee signs … making $100 to $1,000 for each!!! And, the secret auction and raffle did better this year as well. A testament to those who worked to put it together, as well as to the support from the golfers and community!

Every penny collected goes to the Mammography Assistance Fund at our local hospital. Many can’t afford diagnostic mammograms, so we should be helping a lot of people. Having availed myself of their services, I am very impressed with Dr. Webb, the radiologist, and her staff. Dr. Webb was at our event, as was Ann Hooper – the Women’s Imaging Center is named in her honor. We were pleased to be a part of such a successful event!!!

(And, for those who don’t know, I successfully completed my 5 year cancer-free screening last month).

4th of July Party

Just realized I didn’t post photos from our neighborhood bar-b-que, hosted by Lou.

The biggest surprise of the day was the dogs actually behaved. Here is Stitch, just chilling with the group.

We missed our next door neighbor Donna, because she wasn’t feeling well. But she sent over two delicious desserts 🧁

More Food & Something Else

It seems the only newsworthy thing we do is eat :). Close to the truth.

We went out to our neighborhood restaurant … The Hoot. This is their second year and they keep getting better and better. It was a nice evening out with our neighbor, Donna, and her daughter Marci. We had fun, and the food was excellent.

Last Friday, we had our first opportunity to test out the new boat. We will be getting more time in it as the summer progresses. We enjoyed our outing. Just a couple pics – one shows the boat in it’s slip, and the other is a view of our house as we cruised by.